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Where to Keep Your Hives - 19 October 2010
  This can be almost anywhere, ideally you want them on a south facing slope, and protected from the wind. I keep mine close to a hedge, this helps keep the worst of the elements away from the hive.

Things to keep in mind when siting a bee hive:

  • Availability of Water
  • Prevailing Wind
  • Frost Pockets
  • Your Neighbours?


If there is no natural source of water near the location of your hives, a good idea would be to create one, and stop you bees heading to your neighbours pond. This easily done with a shallow container, allowing landing spaces for the bees to stop them from drowning. The easiest way is place stones in the water that break the surface, allowing the bees to land and drink freely.

Prevailing Wind

Common sense really, if your bees have to fight against the prevailing wind every time they try to return to the hive they will be spending a lot of energy doing that rather than making you honey. Try to find a sheltered are out of the wind this will help your bees greatly.

Frost Pockets

If your hive is is a frost pocket it will be later to start working in the spring, the hive will not venture out much until the weather improves in the spring. Ensuring your hive is located outside a frost pocket will ensure that your bees get straight to work as soon as the weather is right.


Before locating your hives in your garden make sure you speak to your neighbours and let them know, most people don't mind bees but some are put off due to the sting that every bee carries around with them. I am fotunate that my nearest neighbours are over 100m away, and they also keep bees. Be considerate though when placing your hive if your neighbours are not fans. Near a high hedge will ensure that the flight trajectory of your bees will be above head height.

City Hives

Just ecause you live in a city doesn't mean you can't keep bees, you may have check loacl regulations though as these differ in every town and city.


Welcome to the 'Gud' Life, the home of self Reliant living on the internet. If you are interested in becoming more self reliant, or thinking of selling up and doing it for real you will find all you need to know right here. Written by someone who has done just that. Learn from my many mistakes

  A Quick Note On The Info Given On This Site

Dear All, the information on this website is given as is, I am not a solicitor, and believe the world would be a better place without them. If you follow the advice on this site, and use your common sense you will not come to any harm. I cannot and will not guarantee any of the information here, it is just based on my experience, and I am always willing to learn. Life after all is a learning experience. If you know of better or improved techniques please share them and I will update the site as neccessary. Enjoy and be happy. TGL 

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