Concrete Floor

This is the time year when there is not much to be done int he garden. I have
finished the digging and spreading of manure, so I thought it was time to tackle one of the rooms in my house that needed some renovation.

The floorboards in the room that we use as a kitchen had started to suffer from dry rot, in fact a few had disintergrated completely, so only half of the room
was in use, the other half I found out when clearing it was being used as a litter tray by my cats, bless them.

Concreting a floor how hard can it be? To be honest there is more to it than I imagined, but essentially it is not that difficult. I had recruited a few helpers
who knew what they were doing, with the promise of a night on the beer.

Ilyas, Aziz, and Mustapha all thought this was worthwhile enough and so we got down
to business. The use of concrete mixers unfortunately has not yet spread to rural Bulgaria, and even if they had they would be shunned in favour of the shovel.

The room in question measures 4m x 4m and the concrete we would be laying would be about 7cm and reinforced with a steel grill. I was soon removed from my post as head engineer,
and demoted to shovel hand number 3 when they realised I had no idea what I was doing. Probably for the best. So mixing just over 1 cubic metre of concrete, and leaving
the Bulgarian maestros to the technical work I have fully replaced the floor with a new concrete one. Mixing 1 cubic metre of concrete with a shovel gives the back a good work out to say the least.

My new Floor

After finishing off we headed up to Hikmets pub, my helpers seemed very thirsty indeed. I know I was as well. Hikmet seemed delighted when I went to
settle the bill, he usually smiles when he needs to use his calculator to add up your bar bill. So much for last weeks resolution to stay off the drink!

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