Sheep & Beer Party

Yesterday I beheaded a lamb, then proceeded to roast and eat the whole thing, with a little help from ‘the pub’.  It is not often that we have organised get togethers here in Samodiva but to celebrate my survival of 3 years in the village without upsetting too many people I thought I would try.

The lamb was chosen from a field of 50, I say chosen, it was the slowest in trying to get away, we then slaughtered and butchered it between me and Ilyas (my knife wielding neighbour), which all in only took 20 mins.  My knowledge of sheep anatomy is now quite good.  There was not much left for the dogs to munch on.  The intestines, stomach, liver, heart, and kidneys are all eaten – not my cup of tea, but each to there own.  I then took ‘larry’ the lamb in to the local town of Djebel where he was placed in the bakeries oven and slow roasted until needed later.  The slaughtering had to be done quite early in the morning as the temperature rockets to 35C by 10:00am.


A few invites were passed round the village, including two sheep farmers, you would have thought they would be sick of the sight of lamb, but seemed quite impressed with preparation none the less.

Between the 10 of us we managed to get through the whole lamb so I think I will be vegetarian for the next few days!  Too much of a good thing.   I didn’t mention much the 3-0 scoreline in Sofia on Friday, or the fact that Turkey only managed a draw at home to Kazakhstan!

Just for Elsa thought I would post this, he does have his own tractor you know!  Doesn’t Ilyas look happy with his scheming?



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  1. Neil says:

    Glad to see the spam blocker in place.

    That sounds like a real pig out. Or lamb out. Doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? I’m not sure I could kill a lamb like that. I’m a bit squeamish. I probably could, actually. I trod on a snail once and didn’t feel any guilt pangs, and I didn’t even have the excuse of eating the snail. Given that the lamb would provide sustenance, I suppose I could whip up the necessary whatever it is you need to be able to kill a lamb. My grandad was a butcher, so maybe some of his butchering genes have been passed on and just haven’t been required yet. We’ll see.

    That looks like a good party. Did you finish off your home made Guinness?

    As for the 3 – 0, better not translate this article for them either.,com_kunena/Itemid,73/func,view/catid,27/id,568844/

  2. Old Holborn says:

    I’m far more interested in the people you HAVE upset in your three years….

  3. Dave says:

    I was just wondering if you rear your own meat for the freezer or if this was something you have ever considered?

    As far as i can gather you just plant animals in a field full of grass, water them and they grow all on their own – I mean, how hard can it be – or is there something i’m missing lol

  4. tgl says:

    The local Kimet is not my friend – mainly due to the destructive nature of his cow! The guinness is not quite finished, I have tested it, it tastes great but still a bit yeasty. As for animals, I am from the school of thought that if you aren’t willing to do the killing then you shouldn’t do the eating. I have had chickens that were wiped out by foxes, I have tried turkeys (far too much hassle). I think I might get a cow, but they do require a lot of work, and whilst meat is available from my neighbours (my lamb was 2.5 euro per kilo – live weight), I think I will just stick to poultry for now.

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