Modern Mafia

The village in Southern Bulgaria where I have my house is inhabited by Turkish-Bulgarians who were a little persecuted by Todor Zhivkov as his grasp for power waned in the late 1980’s.  So they have recent memories of ‘Government Policy’ not being what’s said on the tin.  They have no expectations of their current government to make anything better, or to do anything other than line their own pockets.

This is in complete contrast to some of the people of the UK who I have spoken to since my return two weeks ago.  Instead of actually laying the blame with the politicians who created this mess, there is an expectation that the only people that can solve the problems are politicians.

I like to think of the government as the ‘Mafia’, they come to every house and take your money for your ‘protection’, if you don’t pay they will just take it by force.  When the only thing we need protecting from is the Mafia themselves.

I am told that if I don’t like the system as it is, I need to ‘change it from within the political framework that already exists’.  Which is a bit like telling someone who is being extorted for ‘protection money’ that if they don’t like it they should join the Mafia and change it from within to be more like the Salvation army.

I don’t want a different Mafia boss, I just don’t want a Mafia at all.  Life without the Mafia seems unimaginable to most.  Replies I get vary, but none ever suggest that life without the Mafia would be possible or even desired.

Trying to get rid of the Mafia is a bit like trying to abolish slavery 200 years ago, life without it just seems impossible see here.


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  1. Neil says:

    I used to be naive and thought that it was possible to ‘change things from within’ but the problem is that if you attempt to get into a position within the system that gives you any power at all, you are lending credibility to the system. This is ridiculous. You don’t get rid of criminal gangs by fighting the way to the top of a criminal gang.

  2. tgl says:

    Hello Neil,

    One of the best things I have got from doing this blog is knowing that I am not alone. So it is good to hear from you. If you haven’t come across it is well worth a visit

  3. Smoking Hot says:

    Personally, l think you are doing a disservice to the Mafia by comparing them to politicians. l’d trust the Mafia far more than l ever would a politician. 🙂

    l have family in Yambol