An Anarchists Dream……

I have been back in the UK for just over three weeks, and slowly but surely the political beings that run every facet of our lives are doing just as any pro anarchist would wish them to do.  They are showing the kind of contempt for the people whom they claim to represent, as any beef farmer shows for his fully grown stock – off to the slaughterhouse with the lot of you!

I have no urge to protest, or any desire to scream and stamp my feet at the at the recent anti-democratic 3 line whip for a no to the EU referendum.  In fact the easiest way I see of getting reform or change in the way that the UK is governed is to fully support who ever is in charge.

I shall soon be lobbying the government, backed of course by pseudo-science for a complete alcohol ban.  As well as a 100% increase in council tax for anyone over the age of 40 (I’m 36).  As studies have shown that people over 40 use council services a lot more, prove me wrong!.   I shall then turn my attention to immigration.  Firstly a full British passport to be issued to everyone wanting to come to the UK.  No waiting for benefits for new comers, and priority (affirmative action I think it is called) for any new immigrant to jump the queue when it comes to social housing.

Gadget Tax – We all know gadgets (mobile phones, ipods and the like) give you cancer so this tax is to offset the cost to NHS – 50% (+VAT) should do it.

Car / Petrol – To solve obesity (obviously), and the planet, I will encourage HMRC to double all duty on fuel and the proceeds to pay for everyone in the UK to be issued with a bicycle.  No new roads are to be built only cycle paths.

Old age tax – Everyone over the age of 75, should be forced to move into sheltered accommodation – this will of course be paid for by stripping all of their assets.  This will free up lots of big houses.

Increase inheritance tax to 95% of everything over the cost of a funeral

The best way to bring down this government is not to protest against anything it does, but to actually encourage it, and to help push it further in every way.  Don’t complain about VAT at 20% – Demand an increase to 30%.  Demand a bigger NHS.  Ban alcohol, tobacco, salt, fat, meat, GM crops, petrol, diesel, cars, lorries.  They can all be proven to be bad for your health and cost the NHS money.

Only when the government has destroyed the majority of peoples lives will we turn as one against it.  They are already doing a good job, they just need a bit more encouragement.  I can but dream.

The current government is already in its death throws, all it needs is a bit of encouragement and maybe, just maybe this 5th of November will be one to remember!!!


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One comment

  1. Neil says:

    Ah, it wasn’t a 5th of November to remember, was it? Quelle surprise. Never mind. There’s always next year, or the year after that.

    You say, ‘the best way to bring down this government is…’. It’s not just this government, is it? It’s any and every government. They are all, whatever their creed or colour, dirty, rotten scoundrel. They are thieves, liars, cheats and bastards. They should all be rounded up and shot. Sadly, I am a peaceful man and could not do the deed myself. That, of course, is their advantage over us. They are psychopaths who lose no sleep about having people put to death. Tony Blair ‘would do it all again’ (kill hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan), simply because, according to him, ‘it was the right thing to do’. How often do we hear that phrase? Brown used it and now Cameron is using it. They are very, very bad people. They could do us all a favour by committing mass suicide. The world would be a better place.

    I’m afraid you are being a little bit naive if you think that the people will rise up against the government, even if it does get around to destroying most people’s lives. It’s not going to happen here. The only way to overcome the state is to educate people about its true nature and persuade them not to do business with it. This won’t be a revolution, or if it is it will be a very slow one. It will probably take a couple of generations before there are enough people to bring down the government peacefully by simply saying ‘we don’t need you, we don’t want you and we’re not going to co-operate with you any more’. Once enough people see that the government is nothing but a giant criminal organisation, it will not be able to continue. Most people who recognise it for what it is will not work for it. Those who do will be ostracised by everyone else.

    I agree that the present recession will help the cause of freedom. More people will open their eyes. More people will turn away from government. More people will grow up and realise that they cannot rely on the state for all their needs and that they need to stand on their own two feet. The state is just like the farmer looking after his sheep. He protects them and looks after them not because he cares about them but because they are of value to him. He can sell their wool and their meat. We are just like the sheep, waiting to be fleeced and slaughtered. The state steals our wealth in taxes. It needs us to produce stuff so that it can have its share. The psychopaths of the state look after us so they can take our taxes. Benefits are like winter feed. They keep us going until the weather changes.

    Rant continues ad infinitum in my head. I won’t trouble you with more just at the moment.