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FFS – Dentists & Paracetamol

I am currently experiencing a bit of toothache.  Its not the end of the world, but it really is a pain.  I am not normally one for using tablets and medication, but this toothache is becoming a pain in the arse tooth.  So Annie went of to the local shop to buy me some paracetamol to stop me behaving like a bear with a sore head (or typical man as she put it).  They only sell packets of 16. This is in case I try to kill myself with medication.  I have toothache I am not depressed.  Although I am back in the UK I am not quite at the killing myself stage (just yet).  If I did want to kill myself with paracetamol, I would probably source them from several shops and take the lot, either that or walk in front of a bus.  The actual restriction is 100 tablets but you just try and buy more than 16 tablets in one go.

So really I should go to the dentist.  Had I been in Bulgaria this would have cost me about £15-00 for an extraction.  Here I would have to take out a mortgage.  So the dental treatment will have to wait until I return to Bulgaria.  In fact it is cheaper to pay for my flight and have two weeks in Bulgaria including my dental work than it is to have the work done by (Bulgarian) dentists in the UK.

Non Religious Intolerance

The christmas holidays are fast approaching, which means me and my atheist arse will be running for cover until the madness goes away.  Unfortunately this is then followed by new year, which has now been declared a national day of fun, and if you don’t go out and enjoy yourself you will be arrested.

I get hassle for being a humbug, until I point out the fact that I also don’t celebrate Diwali, Passover, or Ramadan.  Religious intolernace is frowned upon, but intolerance of no religion is seen as fair game.  Ah the irony.

I have been back in the UK for 6 weeks and already can’t wait to get back to Bulgaria.

Just finished reading Jessica’s Trap which is written by Mr Leg Iron.  Not my normal cup of tea horror stories. This one was quite good though, and reads as a ‘nightmare’ or at least how I remember nightmares as a child.   As it was provided in exchange for a few tobacco seeds thought the least I could do was give it a plug here.  If you like ‘nightmare’ stories you will love this.



The Greek Crisis explained…..

I haven’t owned a television since John Craven presented Newsround, but I am currently staying with someone that owns one.  I am glad to say that it seems that I have not missed much, and that I at least have not contributed some money to Jonathan Woss’ pension fund.

So there I was surfing the internet when in the background ‘NewsRound’ the BBC’s children’s news channel comes on.  Gone are the days of surfing pet dogs, and budgies trying to sing.  The headline article was the ‘Euro Crisis in Greece (for under 10’s).  So here it is.

‘Greece joined the Euro (Jan 2001), this allowed them to lend money cheaply.  So they did lend some money and spent it on stuff like the Olympics (Athens 2004).  They have spent too much money and now can’t afford to pay it back.  The stadiums for the Olympics are no longer used.  So to pay back this debt to the rest of Europe, the price of food and petrol is going to rise.  This is the reason for the riots.’

That’s it in a nutshell.  No Athens Olympics – Cheap food and fuel in Greece – No riots.  Not one mention of dodgy politicians, Goldman Sachs cooking the books.  Inflated civil service.  Early retirement.


Italy Joins in The Fun

I have just been reading on the news websites how Italy has joined some of the other Eurozone members in having its bonds put into the ‘junk’ folder.  Some of the comments on the BBC’s website really does have me wonder what planet some of these people are on.

They vary from the ‘corrupt political elite’ to the ‘nation of tax avoiders’ where it seems to me both are mutually inclusive.  If you have a ‘corrupt political elite’ then you are going to have a ‘nation of tax avoiders’.  I believe that our illustrious leaders are just as corrupt as any Italian, Greek, or any other European equivalent.  I also don’t blame anyone for trying to avoid taxation.  In the UK it is called ‘effective-tax-planning’ and seems to be the preserve of the ‘banking classes’.  But if you know that your political class is just lining its own pocket with your tax money, you are hardly going to join a queue to hand over your cash.

Our politicians are just better at hiding there scams, either that or us Brits are just too gullible, and believe what our leaders tell us.

Whose next after Italy, Spain are odds on at the moment, no doubt they are bunch of ‘tax avoiders’ or have a ‘corrupt political class’.  I wonder who these commentators are going to blame when its our turn.

Greece – the birth place of ‘Democracy’

The Greek PM is facing a backlash from his own politicians for offering the people of Greece the ability to make a decision on their future.  They would rather that Greece and its population enslave themselves to EU for the next 50 years.

This referendum is not a vote on repayment of debts, this referendum represents a plebiscite on membership of the EU itself.  So unless the career ‘politniks’ with noses in the trough get there way and stop this referendum from happening what choice do the people of Greece face.

a.  A vote for the new repayment schedule, enslaves the people of Greece for the next two generations – this just manages to repay the interest, the debt still remains, and bankers in France in Germany get to collect this years bonus.

b.  A vote against, in effect bankrupts Greece, they leave the EU.  The bank loans are default – they fail (no bonus this year).  Greece goes back to the Drachma – nobody starves.  The children of tomorrow are not enslaved to the banks of the EU.

No wonder the politicians are worried about the choice given to the people.  Its not a hard one is it.

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