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Curing Ham

After going to the shops this ‘winterval‘ to stock up on feasting goodies decided to have a go at curing my own pork and turning it into ham after being quoted ham by the slice.  Yet for some reason pork is still dead cheap.


So how hard is it to cure ham.  Have you got a bucket and some salt?  Then you are done.

Take your bit of pork.  Any bit will do, but the leg joint (without the bone is probably best).  Stick this in a clean bucket and cover with brine (2 litre of water to 300g of salt).  Put a plate on top to make sure the brine completely covers you joint.  The pork will cure into ham at the rate of about 1kg a day or so.  Keep the bucket somewhere cold (outside in a shed perhaps).  Wait until it is cured and Bobs your uncle, ham for the same price as pork and a bit of salt. How hard is it?





Public Sector Pensions

Public sector workers are up in arms at the changes to their pensions – fair enough I suppose.  But do these people not realise that there is no money to pay for them.  The UK is minus billions of pounds – there is not only no money there is a huge big MINUS of money.

So here are some facts about public sector workers:

1.  Public sector pay has risen at twice the rate of private sector pay in the last 4 years.

2.  The pensions are worth 25% of their salary.

3.  Private sector employees pay more towards public sector pensions than they do towards their own pension.

4.  90% of public sector workers have a pension plan compared to 14% in the private sector.

5.  Public sector workers work an average of 9 years less than private sector employees.

6.  Compulsory redundancy in the public sector is 0.0007%.

You have got to feel for them.

So how are all these pension to be paid.  There is no money in bank.  This leaves a few options.  The government can lend some more money that has to be paid back with interest (not likely) who would be daft enough to lend the UK money.

They can raise more taxes – that’s a vote winner everytime.

Or maybe just maybe they will create a tiny bit of inflation to make the pensions worthless by printing money (qualitative easing, capital liquididty whatever you want to call it, mugabe economics)


Spot the Difference

Anders Behring Breivik or Alfred Rosenberg.


One was directly responsible for the death of innocent people because of their religious beliefs, pleaded guilty to his crimes, and was sentenced to death and executed.

The other was declared mentally insane.

Food for thought.

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