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Beer, Fags & Crisps

There is nothing I enjoy more (or at least used to), than was a night in the pub enjoying a pint of beer, a crafty fag, and some salty crisps.  In the last couple of years all three of my vices have been turned into public enemy numbers one, two and three.  I am not sure why, the looming pension crisis would have me believe that living past my pension age would soon be treated with the same disdain as force feeding children with heroin (at least in the eyes of politicians) it seems not though.  So why does the government want me to live past retirement age (that’s if you are allowed to retire before you are forced into state provided care facilities – at your expense).

Is it because the closer you get to retirement the more likely you are to vote for these numpties?


Bugger me that simple.

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