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Inland Revenue Arena (Provisional)

I have just been told that due to Glasgow Rangers going into administration as they have not paid their tax bill.  That their stadium has been renamed the Inland Revenue Arena (at least Provisionally)

Greek Radio Fined………………..

………….for saying what it thinks of Ms Merkel.   Just had to share this as it made me smile.  This after the the German press did this to the Venus de Milo.

Only in Wales……..(Diversity workers in Action)

OH will love this one.  The All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (AWEMA) has been in the press recently.  All for the wrong reasons.  It started when the Financial Director blew the whistle on the Chief Executive for financial irregularities (he openly admitted using £6000 of public money to pay off private credit card debts).  He was also accused by former staff of bullying.

The board of trustees were outraged at this and demanded that the CEO who employed his daughter and increased her salary from £20k to £50k in three years without board approval demanded that he say sorry.  Say sorry!!!!!!

An investigation into the £8.4m of public money that this organisation gets to help the 2.1% of the Welsh population of 3,006,400 (yes thats right all 63,134 people, but they do not help Welsh speakers as they are not a minority – really?).

The new Chair of the board of trustees now accuses the people making the accusations of racism.  You couldn’t make it up.


Update: 18:00 Thur 9 Feb


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