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A quick trip back to Bulgaria

I have just returned from 10 days back in Bulgaria and it has reminded me why I love the place so much.  Having been back in the UK for nearly six months I have done nothing but slowly and slowly get more and more angry with the way the populous is treated.  It might be that when you are here you don’t notice the drip, drip as the control from every facet of your life is taken from you by those in control.  When you have taken the blue pill though there is no going back.

Our two cats have been feed and looked after by one our good neighbours Ilyas, and even after 6 months of very harsh winter were there to annoy us on our return.  I should point out that when we first arrived back in the village that we were greeted by two of out younger neighbours who informed us that our ‘Cats are dead’ in perfect English.  The smile on their faces gave it away though.

We have been invited to a wedding in late August so now have an excuse to return then, if one was needed.


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