9 Months and counting…………

I have been back in the UK for nine months and, now fully remember why it was that I left.  This country is a complete joke.  The government and their bosses in the banking sector continue to screw every last penny from everyone who tries to support themselves.  Being on ‘the sick’ is considered a good career move in many parts of the country, (especially where I am in Wales). Being a fat fuck is now considered an illness, no doubt I could get myself sectioned for pointing out the blinding obvious.  I have given up talking to most people.  I have just had two weeks of nationalist flag waving for idiots, who now want more of my money so they can play games for a living.  You want to play games for a living, fine, get enough idiots to turn up and pay to watch you.  Good on you.  Steal my money through taxation because no fucker is interested watching  your stupid so called sports, then I have a problem.

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  1. Janine says:

    Loved reading your rant. Like Dave and I, I am sure Annie and yourself are looking forward to a time you can return to Bulgaria. Unfortunately in Bulgaria there were many people we met that were on the long term sick from the UK and living a cheap good life in the properties they bought in Bulgaria and only returning to the UK when they had to. All we wanted to do was earn enough money to live a simple life in Bulgaria and as we are honest working people we found it impossible to do this. One day I am sure we will be able to do this. At least at the moment we are not in the UK, however on Czech wages we still only manage to live and save very little. Dave is considering contracting again in UK for 6 months while I live in BG, just not sure what to do. Will keep you updated.

  2. Peter says:

    When are you returning to bg? I love reading your blogs about living in bg.

  3. Neil says:

    I love your logo.

  4. Boxgreen says:

    Your words ring true – I’m desperate to leave the UK (in my case, to go to France) but I need to put in one more year so that the children finish their schooling in their own country – once that’s done, all that will be left of me will be the trail of dust as I drive off! No pay rise for me (private sector) now for two years, tax and bills creeping up all the time, pension funds withering to nothing whilst the state sector continues on sucking in more money than ever (what cuts?) and Cameron/Clegg witter on about AV, Lords reform, gay marriage and international sports days rather than trying to actually galvanise the economy. It is an utter shambles – I honestly can’t understand why there hasn’t been a revolution in the UK – maybe it’s because most of the people who cared have already left …. Best of luck with the final relocation to Bulgaria.

  5. tgl says:

    Thanks to everyone sometimes its just good to know its not just me!

  6. Soilman says:

    It’s not just you. I’m still living in the UK, but it increasingly feels like a foreign country to me. The national lies we tell ourselves are growing so monstrous and so absurd that it’s a wonder ANYBODY believes them.

  7. tgl says:

    Cheers Soilman – Where have you been? Loved the last post Soilman meets Soiledman made me laught out load litreally 🙂