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Good For *bucks, Amazon etc


I was thinking of having a Starbucks coffee whilst reading a book I got from Amazon, for keeping their earnings from the parasites that is our government.  Then *bucks went and decided to pay more tax than they are due to keep the idiots in this country theat actually believe paying tax is anything other than theft.  My message to the idioits, you want more money given to the government I am sure that they will take donations from you pay packet.  Or perhaps you could leave everything in your will to HMRT.  – No.  Are you complaining because you are a stupid civil servant who wants more money and less hours, and the only way this can be achieved is to tax everyone (but you) more.  Fucking idiots that UK UNCUT are.  The parasites in Westminster must think all there birthdays have come at once.  There is a group of twats in the UK demanding more tax!!!! It is at 73% of GDP already!!!  Quite Unbelievable.


Message to Starbucks if you hand over 1p more in tax than you are legally required to I will never drink one of your dishwater coffees. 🙂


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