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Been a while….oops

Well bloody hell doesn’t time fly.  I will make an attempt to update any poor soul who is interested in what I have been upto.  So here goes.  I left BG in Nov 2011 due to the financial crisis (my money ran out – not good for someone claiming to be nearly self sufficient)  I have since then been back in the UK (It hurts lots – it is even worse than I remember it when I left in 2008)  It took me a while to find gainful employment but I am now back in the rat race and saving pennies as if they are going to go out of circulation in the next few weeks.


I got a job working on databases, and after 9 months of being in the job the company decided it would be best if the headquarters was actually in Cyprus (12.5% corporation tax) rather than the UK (20% corporation tax) purely for fun of it.  (I am all for paying as little tax as possible).  So I enquired if it would be possible to re-loacte to the new headquarters and they said YAY! 🙂


So now I find myself living and working in Nicosia.  Still saving as much as possible to return to BG.  I am thinking of asking if they would let me work from there, I see no reason why not.  I have proven that I am capabale of working in Cyprus so what difference would BG make same timezone.


This blog may make diversions into Cyprus life for a while, wish me luck as I plant the seeds with bosses, as too how I will be much more productive in BG.


Anyone still there?



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