Been a while….oops

Well bloody hell doesn’t time fly.  I will make an attempt to update any poor soul who is interested in what I have been upto.  So here goes.  I left BG in Nov 2011 due to the financial crisis (my money ran out – not good for someone claiming to be nearly self sufficient)  I have since then been back in the UK (It hurts lots – it is even worse than I remember it when I left in 2008)  It took me a while to find gainful employment but I am now back in the rat race and saving pennies as if they are going to go out of circulation in the next few weeks.


I got a job working on databases, and after 9 months of being in the job the company decided it would be best if the headquarters was actually in Cyprus (12.5% corporation tax) rather than the UK (20% corporation tax) purely for fun of it.  (I am all for paying as little tax as possible).  So I enquired if it would be possible to re-loacte to the new headquarters and they said YAY! 🙂


So now I find myself living and working in Nicosia.  Still saving as much as possible to return to BG.  I am thinking of asking if they would let me work from there, I see no reason why not.  I have proven that I am capabale of working in Cyprus so what difference would BG make same timezone.


This blog may make diversions into Cyprus life for a while, wish me luck as I plant the seeds with bosses, as too how I will be much more productive in BG.


Anyone still there?



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  1. Anne and Derek says:

    Wow you do get around. I found your blog just before you returned to England and have been checking back regularly since then. You must miss Bulgaria loads. Good luck with the boss.

  2. Old Holborn says:

    Get back out to BG, as soon as possible.

  3. delcatto says:

    Well done. Paid work, sunshine and nearer BG. Good luck in buttering up the boss for your transfer. Any direct flights to Bulgaria from Cyprus?

  4. Dave says:

    Good luck, I check your blog regularly. I receive my redundancy money soon so with prices in Bulgaria & pension/savings + the reciprocal tax arrangements its looking good. Please keep us updated your blog is my how to guide.

  5. metaltrack says:

    Still here, good to read an update.

    I can appreciate that life and finances encourage a change of plan.

    I’m sure you’ll get back to BG as soon as you can.

  6. Janine Drake says:

    Hi good to see you are traveling again. I am not sure how much I updated you last time. We left Czech Rep. in March 2013. Dave went to work in Romania and I went to Bulgaria for the summer (Galati in Romania is only 4 hours from our house in BG) I found the Summer in BG very hard being on my own and Dave did not visit as much as we planned due to car problems. I did manage to stick it out till I had harvested everything and I am now in Romania for the Winter being a “housewife”. This is not something that comes very easy to me as I have always been used to working and now we are in an apartment. However we do have the dogs so I have to take them out for walks a lot so at least I have that to keep me occupied. We have not found any UK expats here at all, there are quite a few Italians and Greeks but that is all. We do however socialise as there are plenty of bars playing good live music at weekend and beer, wine and food is cheap like Bulgaria. I am not sure if I am spending the summer in BG this year although I am going for a month in March and planting some veg so I will keep you updated. Keep in touch. Janine