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Don’t Feed the Animals

I have been thinking (dangerous I know) but this sign come to my attention, I am sure that everyone has come along something similar. ‘Don’t feed the animals as they will become dependent on that as a food source and this will lead them to not be able to feed themselves’.  I am thinking that Bob Geldof has never seen seen this sign.  No I am not saying that people in an emergency do not need help, but that perpetual food aid is a complete myth.  Stay with me here.  If I provide you with all your food that you need, would you ever go to a shop and buy any food?  Probably not, and if after a while I removed that aid would you be able to feed yourself?

So why is it that we know this is not a good thing, and yet anyone who would dare say that food aid, (see food banks UK) is not a good idea is made to look evil.  If we can’t feed ourselves, and become dependent upon others for our basic needs, we are nothing but slaves.  If you believe that slavery is a bad thing never give to a Food bank.

Cypriots – they are all mad as a box of frogs!

This is my my first time living in Cyprus, I have been here for about 6 months (the Greek is coming on very slowly – Is this the only language in the world where the word for yes sounds exactly like the word no everywhere else in the world!)

  Cyprus has lots of great things about it.  The beaches, the mountains, the weather.  For an English speaking person it is very easy, as just about everyone can speak better English than I can Greek.  They also drive on the left hand-side of the road.  Well I say drive, I have travelled to more than 50 countries but no drivers around the world come close tho the madness that happens on the streets of Nicosia.  Red lights are optional, if you do stop it is customary to continually edge out by 50 cms every 30 seconds regardless of whether you will be blocking other cars with the right of way.  As for the horn, if some stupid tourist idiot should dare stop for pedestrians at a zebra crossing it is illegal not to demonstrate to them that you horn works.


I walk to work, as it is only one mile away and the weather is always nice (this is considered stupid in Cyprus – why walk anywhere).  I have to cross three roads to get to the office.  I didn’t realise for the first two months that that this was a horn blowing crime against cars.


Thankfully I have found out why every person in Cyprus is a complete lunatic behind the wheel – none of them can drive.  99% of vehicles here are automatic, even the idea of having to use a stick shift would scare your average boy racer here to death.  Any normal driver will know that automatics are purely the reserve of ‘Old Grannies’ or amputees.  If you have two functioning legs, you require a clutch!





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