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House for sale £5000

One of my neighbours has just returned from Turkey for his retirement, the house next door to him is up for grabs.  He doesn’t want it empty.  It is in the village of Staravo which is 40 mins from the beach in Greece and 1 hour from the Ski resort of Pamparovo.  You can find it on google earth here.

The house needs lots of renovation – new roof, new windows and doors, but with local prices this could be done in the region of £4000.  The house is 240m2 of living space over two floors and the garden is approx 800m2.

Here are the pictures.  Should you be interested please email me inthe first instance.  Free help with the documents, and organising builders from your new neighbour.

100_3391 100_3392 100_3393 100_3394 100_3395 100_3396 100_3397 100_3398 100_3399 100_3400 100_3401 100_3402

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