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Born in 1975 to ‘baby-boomer’ parents (thanks for pension deficit), left ‘skool’ at 16 to join the British Armed Forces, served in Bosnia & N Ireland, as well as trips to Cyprus, Canada, Germany, France, Norway.  Left in 1992 to get a proper job.  Then spent 5 years playing with computers for ICL, SOS, and CAS.  After that thought I should save the world and went to build schools and water infrastructure in Tanzania, realised this was just a big con so Guardian readers can feel good about themselves but did get to meet Annie (my Felicity Kendal).  Found religion(Theoretical Physics) in 2001 so went on to  study the origins of the Universe at Swansea University.  Found out that Uni is just a place to send your kids when they are too young to get a proper job and too old to be living at home, decided to remove myself from the corrupt and horrible system that is ‘Statism’ and to live more self reliantly as far from political interference as possible, and here I am.


  1. Neil Gregory says:

    Hello Dominic,

    I came across your website whilst searching for information on distilling. I am very strongly considering moving to Bulgaria to get away from Britain and I wondered if distilling alcohol there was legal or not. (It seems as if it is not but nobody cares. Jolly good). I am very glad that your website came up. Reading your blog has given me a few good laughs, but I have been even more cheered by your attitude to politicians and the state generally.

    I read all about your tomatoes and was filled with envy. Mine are still little hard green balls which I suspect will never experience ripeness. I am sick to death of this country’s weather, its stupid people and its suffocating statism. Every day I am more and more convinced that moving to Bulgaria would be the best thing I could do.

    I shall have an in-depth look at your website and, I am sure, glean lots of wisdom from it. Would you be willing to answer any questions I might have regarding life in Bulgaria (assuming they are not answered by your website)?

    From a dark, gloomy summer day in England,


  2. tgl says:

    Hello Neil

    Ask anything that you want, glad to know that I am not alone. The UK is rubbish, I have been back to visit twice since being here and miss nothing (smoked bacon I have managed to live without). Keep in touch


  3. Old Holborn says:

    Luckily, I know how to make smoked bacon.

    I’ve had it with the UK and am planning to move to southern Bulgaria in the next 2 years. All I need is broadband, a fence, a dog. Probably in that order.

  4. Old Holborn says:

    One more thing, can you set up a CSS feed from your blog, then I can link to mine

  5. tgl says:

    OH Many thanks http://feeds.feedburner.com/ThegudLifeBlog

    or RSS feed http://www.thegudlife.com/blog/feed/ for the direct XML file.


  6. Boxgreen says:

    Really enjoyed reading some of the posts on this blog and I share your total despair at developments in the UK. I had in mind to move to France (I have French family) but sadly they seem even madder than Cameron and his cronies. I’d not really even heard of libertarianism until a few months ago but having discovered it on your blog and those of others (OH, Max Farquhar et al), it made me realise that I am not only not mad but am not alone either.
    What I really cannot understand is why there is not a revolution in the streets of the UK.
    Anyway, do you know of any cheap farms in Bulgaria? 🙂

  7. tgl says:

    Hello, Glad you found it amusing, I still await the revolution but until that happens life in Bulgaria will do just fine. I have been back in the UK for the last 6 weeks and having been away for over 3 years, have noticed that things have actually got worse. Cheap farms in Bulgaria – they are everywhere. The only expensive parts of Bulgaria are the tourist resorts and the big cities. Go rural and it is buttons.

  8. Annette G. says:

    Glad I found this website/blog. I so laughed about the intro – I feel just the same. I intend to move to Bulgaria to finally became able to be self-sufficient (hopefully), always wanted a smallholding but it is unaffordable here. And of course this one season of grey and rain (we had two days without constant rain so far this year!) is just totally depressing. So, happy life to all of you who have already moved, and keep us others motivated until we arrive….

    • JOHN ELFYN says:

      Im planning on making the move,thinking of moving into neighbourhood with plenty of expats,because of language barier in rural areas. Where u thinking of setting up?

  9. tgl says:

    Glad you found me!!! If you have any questions please ask. I hope you enjoy Bulgaria as much as I do.

  10. Tony Clare says:

    Just found your blog site, and find it very refreshing, I have a house in Novo Selo, (23Km west of VT) which I brought 15 months ago, during that time, I have had various works carried out on it, and I am now planning, as to when to finally, come and live there, and to try and set up a small holding, should be good fun, for a city guy, as the same as alot of your posters on here, I too have had enough of the Uk, keep up the good work, Tony

  11. Peter says:

    I love to your read your blogs and learn more about what you are doing.

    It is nice to see someone that is self reliant. That also is one my my goals, although I’m still working as a donkey to make sure that there is enough money for the future (for a house + enough cash reserves to be not be worried.. perhaps that is my biggest weakness: worrying).

    I have moved from Holland to Bulgaria (currently I live with my girl in Varna) almost a year ago.. I have a similar background as you have (I’m a software engineer) and we are roughly the same age (I’m 36).

    I’m hoping that you will return back to Bulgaria shortly and post some nice blogposts.

  12. tgl says:


    Being back in the UK is sending me up the wall, hence the reduction is in Self reliant posts and more just rants. Just topping up the reserves for a while and then back out shortly.

    Kind regards


  13. John says:

    I am off to the Ruse area in March to a smallholding i got for buttons earlier in the year. Cant wait to do it, I know there will be as many bad days with good but thats the way i want it to be. Hope you get out back out there soon.

  14. glass spigot says:

    glass spigot…

    When you fully understand what a residual income means, it’s mind blowing!!! I mean getting paid over and over again, for doing work just once. Kinda makes working for someone else seem like a dead end…

  15. Sam an Anna kissed says:

    Still in Bulgaria ? How much is a bit of land big enough to sustain 2 ppl & a dog?

    Anyone despairing in UK, but wants to prepare, I have N allotment, costs me £10 a year in rent! There are more going if anyone lives in cornwall, shout me.

    My long term goal is wherever state influence is smallest. My gf is gonna be the biggest challenge, she thinks I’m mad with this anti statist stuff, she’ll come aboard eventually.

    I’m a recent convert to anarchism, was libertarian for around 6 months, been anarchist for a month now. I was a left wing tit/twat/ know it all communist previous to that.

    Any liberty minded ppl in cornwall area hook me up, or Aylesbury too as I will be working there soon. I currently do week on, week off London / cornwall.

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