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Beetroot & Curry

I have just pulled a few new potatoes as well as thinned my carrots and beetroots. And since it has been pissing down all day, I got wondering what
I should be doing as going outside was definately not on the cards.

So apart form pickling beetroot I have never really eaten any other way so I decided to what if anything can be done with them. You would be amazed! Well at least I was.
I have scoured the internet (google) and what seems to be highly recommended is to cook them as you would roast potatoes. This has been put on the back burner, as
although it is raining the idea of getting the wood burner going would have the men in white coats at my door.

The other reciepe which seems popular is to use them as a main inregdient in chutney, each list of ingredients required though I did not have available, and
I am not due to go into Kardjali for another three weeks, and I cerainly won’t be waiting that long to try something out.

My first pickings

So I have modified the plethora of recipes and came up with my own version. For once not a total disaster in fact as I don’t know what the original would have tasted like
I am actually quite please with the results. This is what I used (per jar)

  • 2 medium beetoots finely chopped
  • 2 small onions
  • 1 teaspoon of madras curry powder (all spice not available in my cupbord!)
  • 10ish mini carrots from the thinnings
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (you are supposed to use demera – I went for white with bits of coffee mixed in!
  • 1 potato diced to small bits.
  • Ordinary vinegar – again all the recipes I saw suggested white wine vinegar, or some other such rubbish – use what you have I bet you can’t taste the difference.
  • Bit of water – Straight from the tap.

Stick it all in a pan and cook slowly for an hour or so, then stick in a jar and Bobs your mums brother. I am told that as with homemade wine the longer you can leave it
the better it tastes. Here is what is left of mine:

Empty jar

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