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Best Book I have ever read………

This is not something I get to think much but I have just read a book that I feel I need to share.  In fact if you have not read this book, be sure to put it on the list of things to do before you die.  It puts in to words.  I am not going to describe the story, but if you enjoyed 1984 by Orwell this, which was written before Orwell’s classic must have given him inspiration.


I can say no more just read it.

‘Who is John Galt?’


Non Religious Intolerance

The christmas holidays are fast approaching, which means me and my atheist arse will be running for cover until the madness goes away.  Unfortunately this is then followed by new year, which has now been declared a national day of fun, and if you don’t go out and enjoy yourself you will be arrested.

I get hassle for being a humbug, until I point out the fact that I also don’t celebrate Diwali, Passover, or Ramadan.  Religious intolernace is frowned upon, but intolerance of no religion is seen as fair game.  Ah the irony.

I have been back in the UK for 6 weeks and already can’t wait to get back to Bulgaria.

Just finished reading Jessica’s Trap which is written by Mr Leg Iron.  Not my normal cup of tea horror stories. This one was quite good though, and reads as a ‘nightmare’ or at least how I remember nightmares as a child.   As it was provided in exchange for a few tobacco seeds thought the least I could do was give it a plug here.  If you like ‘nightmare’ stories you will love this.



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