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Magic Beans

One of the good things about living in another country is the chance to learn new things, as well as pass on your knowledge in the hope that your
neighbours can learn something about you and your culture.

I normally have at least one guest (gosti) a day around for coffee. Which since my broad (magic) beans have started to sprout has seen most of
them leave with a few to plant themselves. I am not convinced that any will be eaten as they are not very adventurous here. The idea though, of having a
high protein cattle fodder that grows over winter is very appealing to the cow owners of the village.

Magic Beans

It will be quite fun to see what my neighbours think of broad beans come May when they they are ready for harvesting. Most of them were very
skeptical about the idea of planting anything in November, but since the first seeds have sprouted interest has increased exponentially.

It is now the Muslim festival of Korban Bayram, which is usually celebrated by the killing of a sheep/cow/goat or camel! But also includes the
delivery of chapatti type bread things. I live alone, however all of my neighbours bring me two of each type regardless. There is only so many that
you can eat!

Chapati anyone?

I have finally finished my greenhouse, and just so it is correctly named I have used the green plastic to cover it with let’s see if it is still
standing after a metre of snow has landed on it! I have also made a cold frame just in case. I have put the picture here just to give every other
DIY anti boffin hope in knowing they could probably do better!

My Green Green House

My Cold Frame

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