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New ceiling…..up it goes

Annie is keeping from being bored in Bulgaria by making a mess ūüôā

Here is the new ceiling going up.

Ceiling going up

Looks to me more like an upsidedown floor. ¬†Not going to be easy to polish that Miss 4’11” and a 1/2 ? ¬†Hope she didn’t get her Goray & Dollows mixed up.

I am sure she gives a better account of herself here


A quick trip back to Bulgaria

I have just returned from 10 days back in Bulgaria and it has reminded me why I love the place so much. ¬†Having been back in the UK for nearly six months I have done nothing but slowly and slowly get more and more angry with the way the populous is treated. ¬†It might be that when you are here you don’t notice the drip, drip as the control from every facet of your life is taken from you by those in control. ¬†When you have taken the blue pill though there is no going back.

Our two cats have been feed and looked after by one our good neighbours Ilyas, and even after 6 months of very harsh winter were there to annoy us on our return. ¬†I should point out that when we first arrived back in the village that we were greeted by two of out younger neighbours who informed us that our ‘Cats are dead’ in perfect English. ¬†The smile on their faces gave it away though.

We have been invited to a wedding in late August so now have an excuse to return then, if one was needed.


FFS – Dentists & Paracetamol

I am currently experiencing a bit of toothache.  Its not the end of the world, but it really is a pain.  I am not normally one for using tablets and medication, but this toothache is becoming a pain in the arse tooth.  So Annie went of to the local shop to buy me some paracetamol to stop me behaving like a bear with a sore head (or typical man as she put it).  They only sell packets of 16. This is in case I try to kill myself with medication.  I have toothache I am not depressed.  Although I am back in the UK I am not quite at the killing myself stage (just yet).  If I did want to kill myself with paracetamol, I would probably source them from several shops and take the lot, either that or walk in front of a bus.  The actual restriction is 100 tablets but you just try and buy more than 16 tablets in one go.

So really I should go to the dentist.  Had I been in Bulgaria this would have cost me about £15-00 for an extraction.  Here I would have to take out a mortgage.  So the dental treatment will have to wait until I return to Bulgaria.  In fact it is cheaper to pay for my flight and have two weeks in Bulgaria including my dental work than it is to have the work done by (Bulgarian) dentists in the UK.

Turkish Terrorists

Just been up the pub – what a shock!

They are watching the champions league on telly (Trabsonspor v Lille) and the adverts come on for half time.  Not your normal heinz beans stuff.  The Turks are having problems with some of their neighbours at the moment.  They have enough of them.  This time it is the Syrians.


So on comes the advert with a cartoon picture of a tank with a syrian flag emblazoned on it and a caricature of the young syrian president ‘Bashar al-Assad‘¬†he is pointing his tank at the ‘masses’ where one person out of a hundred is wearing a tee-shirt with ‘Terrorist’ written on it. ¬†the tank fires and kills 3 people nearby a terrorist but not the terrorist. ¬†Then another tee-shirt is emblazoned with the word ‘terrorist’, he shoots again into the masses, misses all the terrorists and kills more blanks, where upon they turn into ‘terrorist’ ¬†tee-shirt-wearing proles.

The message is simple, the more of the innocent you kill, the more terrorists you will create. ¬†If only ‘Bush & Blair’ had seen this video clip 8 years ago. ¬† The war in Iraq has lasted longer than the second world war! ¬†Enough said.

Austerity in Rural Bulgaria

The new ‘austerity’ measures being applied across the western world in order that our elected elites can spend more and more money on things that we don’t want or need will have absolutely no effect on rural life in my part of the world. ¬†I live in an almost agrarian society, milk comes from the cow, eggs from the chicken, fruit and veg from the garden. ¬†As of yet the powers that be have not found a way to tax these things, and even if they did no-one would comply.

So only being 35 km from Greece and all their public sector workers striking because they have to retire in their forties on half pay pensions doesn’t cut much sympathy on this side of the border. ¬†Especially when they are seen driving new BMW’s when my neighbours are still driving around in 25 year old Lada’s. ¬†One of the main differences is that the people of Bulgaria, although now fully democratic (whatever that means) have never thought much of their politicians and have never believed a word they say. ¬†So if some new politician came in and told them all they could retire at 50 on 1000 euros a month they would realise that this is just some scam to get elected and then line their own pockets. ¬†So why is it the rest of the world so happily vote for these stupid people.


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