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Carrot Confidential

No this is not a tribute to Birminghams ginger comendian but more an ode to the humble carrot. Much maligned and hardly getting the reputation
of the parsnip. I have just dug up my carrots. Two rows of 4 metres so approx 4 sq m of land, even the smallest of gardens will allow you to grow a couple of
rows of carrots. The difference between mine and your processed, nitrogen sealed tesco friendly pre chopped, 5 a day, carrot sticks. Is that mine actually taste of carrot.
Where as yours taste of nothing.

This years Carrot crop

This years Carrot crop

They are absolutely wonderful, they smell of carrots, they taste of carrots, and 4 sqm of my garden has given 20kg of them! If you are reading this and do not grow any
of your own food I implore you even if you only spend 1 hour in spring digging and sowing enough of your garden for a row or two of carrots, don’t bother with thinning, intensive
weeding, watering, just leave them alone, and come the end of July spend another hour digging them up and you will have lots and lots of lovely carrots for two hours work. You will not be able
to buy carrots of the same taste quality, granted yours will not be able to called carrots in brussels, but yours will taste 10 times better. Go on you know it makes sense!

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