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Back From Blighty

We have all safely returned from our ‘excursion’ to south Wales. We managed to make the house in Swansea liveable, and my two Bulgarian neighbours
have been immersed in Swansea suburban culture, and now call everyone ‘byt’. I am having problems with my camera cable (think it is broken) so the pictures will have to wait
until my new cable arrives from ebay.

I will leave the story of our visit to the uk until I have the photos to back it up, but it is nice now to have two of my neighbours quizzed about
their trip to the UK, and tell everyone that it really does rain everyday. They were treated to fish & chips had a pint of speckled hen.

Hikmet took pictures of everything (including Lidl and PC World), and on our day trip to the sights of Swansea could have been mistaken for a Japanese tourist.

Mustafa had to deal with a very confused Wickes delivery man who wanted a signature, but got nothing but ‘Ne Ingliss, Ne Ingliss’. Hikmet installed his first
set of spot lights. Mustafa used plaster for the first time (and did a good job).

Annie will be pleased that she no longer has to buy a bottle of brandy everyday from Lidl they were begining to think she had a problem. She will also
be pleased that the three ‘tractors’ have left and she can finally get some sleep.

All in all it was a very worthwhile trip for all concerned.

Oh and it is March and bloody freezing here (-5C during the day)

Broken Computer

This may be my last update until I get it fixed. My computer is having serious hard disk crashes, my local computer shop had it in for 7 days, until they finally gave up on it. I managed to get it re-going by putting it in the freezer for a while.
I cannot even re-format the drive and reload, as the DVD player also decided to give up the ghost!

So if you have sent messages please bear with me technical problems are not that easily resolved in a remote Bulgarian village.

See you all soon


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