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The Kimets Cow

The end of November comes and with it the start of the colder weather. The wood burner has
been in use almost nightly. The logs are all chopped. The coal has been stocked up. Southern Bulgaria has an excellent climate. I have lived near the equator in Africa
where after 10 in the morning it is too hot to move. I have spent time travelling around Thailand, where the humidity is suffocating, and of course the UK where the types of different
rain need a 5 volume book to catalogue them all. Here though there are proper seasons, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, and a bit wet in between.

This is the time of the year when there is not much going on in the garden, growing wise art least. So it is a time to do all the maintenance jobs, paths, fences etc.

Thanks to Kimet (mayor) cow I have plenty to keep me busy. It is not just my garden though to which this cow has taken a fancy. I found out only yeasterday that
it has taken down a 10 metre section of fencing from one of my neighbours. On its last visit to my garden it demolished part of the fence then went on to
eat two apple saplings and my cabernet sauvignon vine. The apples fine but if you mess with my wine there will be trouble. After chasing the said cow out of the garden,
I decidied it was time to tell the kimet (Raihim) exactly what he could do with his cow, and exactly what I would do with his cow should it venture uninvited into my garden again.

I think I made myself understood as I have not seen it since.

The rest of the village also know of my problems with it, and on my last visit to the pub Ali (who has the best eyebrows in the world) offered to put his 85 sheep
into the Kimets garden to see how he liked it! I promised him a few beers if he carried it through, I have yet to catch up with him to see if it was just the mastika talking though!

Chasing Cows

It is not just me that lives a self reliant lifestyle in my village. In fact compared with some of my neighbours I really am only playing at it.
Or at least they find it very amusing when my attempts at food production go awry.

As of yet I don’t have a cow, although I do intend to get one it is not high on the list of priorties. Every other household however in my
village does. Every morning after milking they sent on there way out of the village to fend for themselves. Again each evening they saunter
back to there owners house to be milked and get there head down for the night. Or at least most of them do.

Unwelcome guest!

My unwelcome guest

Unfortunately the cow belonging to the village mayor(Kmet), has decided that it does not want to return to his own house but would rather come
and visit me. Now I don’t mind cows, I really do like cheese, but this cow is not keen on giving me its milk, and after breaking through my
garden fence this week destroyed my cabbages and finished off my peppers before demolishing my second lot of french beans!

Cabbage Remains

The remains of my cabbages!

Not pleased does not cover it! I was seen chasing his cow through the village and lucky enough no one here speaks English as I was using
some quite sharp words!

Pepper remnants

The remains of my peppers

The fence has been fixed, this however has not put off my unwanted guest and for the last three days at about half past six in evening I am
now seen escorting the kmet’s cow back to his rightful owner. All this without even a pint of milk!

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