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FFS – Dentists & Paracetamol

I am currently experiencing a bit of toothache.  Its not the end of the world, but it really is a pain.  I am not normally one for using tablets and medication, but this toothache is becoming a pain in the arse tooth.  So Annie went of to the local shop to buy me some paracetamol to stop me behaving like a bear with a sore head (or typical man as she put it).  They only sell packets of 16. This is in case I try to kill myself with medication.  I have toothache I am not depressed.  Although I am back in the UK I am not quite at the killing myself stage (just yet).  If I did want to kill myself with paracetamol, I would probably source them from several shops and take the lot, either that or walk in front of a bus.  The actual restriction is 100 tablets but you just try and buy more than 16 tablets in one go.

So really I should go to the dentist.  Had I been in Bulgaria this would have cost me about £15-00 for an extraction.  Here I would have to take out a mortgage.  So the dental treatment will have to wait until I return to Bulgaria.  In fact it is cheaper to pay for my flight and have two weeks in Bulgaria including my dental work than it is to have the work done by (Bulgarian) dentists in the UK.

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