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Silly Season

OK I give up, just look at this…

Cucumber Mountain North Face

This mornings harvest

I went out in all innocence this morning, was glad to pick a few ripe tomatoes then slowly edged my way to the cucumber plot. I am starting
to get suspicous at the rate of growth of the damn things.

I also got to pick the first nectarines on the tree I planted two years ago, there really is nothing nicer than fruit picked straight from the
tree, I took the picture before I picked them for good reason as I had eaten them before I got back inside.



I have caused a storm with ladies of the village, they all look on in envy at my onion stringing ability! The traditional way here is to put them
in sacks as you would potatoes, so now everyone is coming around to see what the silly english is doing with his onions.

Onions on String

Just wait until they try my beetroot & curry chutney!

Stringing Onions

My white onions have all been picked from the ground, they are now strung up and getting a bit of sun before they go into my store room. I have
let a few go to seed for next year’s crop. This year I have also grown red onions but they have a few weeks still to go before I pull them up.

This year I have grown just over 400 onions which should see me through the rest of the year. They really are one of the easiest things to grow and store and have
hundereds of uses in the kitchen in everything apart from dessert!

I have found the easiest way to keep them is to string them up a la France!

Here are some of this years ready to have a couple of days of sun!

Onions on a string

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