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Parsnips, Leeks, & Unwanted Gifts

The first frosts of the year are happening, which means that the parsnips can be pulled as and when
there are also fresh leeks in the garden, and winter cabbages recovering from ‘cow’ attacks still growing. It is also the time of digging over the rest of the garden
before the really cold weather sets in, in January. My cat ‘Dave’ has also decided it was time for an early christmas present.

There I was happily surfing the internet, wood burner on the go keeping me warm, to be startled by a retching cat. I was presented with a half digested mouse
deposited on my pillow. Now, I am not squemish when it comes to blood, I have no proble wringing the necks of chickens. However when it comes to sick,
I turn into a squemish little girl. I think it is the smell, as well as seeing a half digested smell. I thanked ‘Dave’ the only way I know (Boot + Arse).


Moving on. My parsnips, the only ones grown in my village, and if the local fruit and veg market is anything to go by, the only ones in southern Bulgaria. I am
surprised by this, they have the perfect weather for them, they just don’t seem to be to popular here. I have taken a large pan of roast parsnips up my pub
to share but it appears they are an aquired taste here. As well as the fact that my neighbours are not very adventurous with their cooking. They know what they like
so why try anything new. I am always trying to get them to eat new stuff though.

Leeks however are very popular, and are used as replacement onions in everything from salads and pickles. Not a bowl of Cawl in sight.

My local pub has also got me in some dark beer which is only available in winter here, it is certainly on a par with normal beer served in the UK if only
a little to fizzy!

Dark Beer

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