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I have had to cheat some what when it has to come to canning peaches.  My peach trees are only three years old and although they were covered in blossom earlier in the year, and even produced some fruit, they all fell off apart from two.  Two peaches just weren’t enough to stop me eating them direct from the tree.  So as I was in the local fruit and veg market yesterday I picked up 5 kilos of peaches (45p a kilo) and as a real extravagance a pineapple.  I hold no hope of ever growing a pineapple in my garden but just wanted to know what they taste like when they are home preserved rather than ‘Del Monte’.


Here is how I did it.  Peel and slice your peaches (and pineapple) Place in a large pan with enough water to cover.  Add sugar if you want and bring to the boil.


Spoon out in to your storing jars whilst still very hot.  Invert the jars to ensure they have sealed properly.  You are done here are mine:

They should keep good for a year or so, but I don’t fancy there chances of lasting that long.  I have kept the peelings from the peaches to make into ‘Peach Honey’.


The weather here at the moment is a bit oppressive and requires me to have an afternoon ‘siesta’.  Its a hard life.

Silly Season

OK I give up, just look at this…

Cucumber Mountain North Face

This mornings harvest

I went out in all innocence this morning, was glad to pick a few ripe tomatoes then slowly edged my way to the cucumber plot. I am starting
to get suspicous at the rate of growth of the damn things.

I also got to pick the first nectarines on the tree I planted two years ago, there really is nothing nicer than fruit picked straight from the
tree, I took the picture before I picked them for good reason as I had eaten them before I got back inside.



I have caused a storm with ladies of the village, they all look on in envy at my onion stringing ability! The traditional way here is to put them
in sacks as you would potatoes, so now everyone is coming around to see what the silly english is doing with his onions.

Onions on String

Just wait until they try my beetroot & curry chutney!

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