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First Crops 2011

The thermometer has been turned up to scorchio!, so what better way to enjoy the hot weather than
to task myself with digging up some new potatoes – idiot!

The first lot of New potatos

I think I lost half a kilo (2.2 pounds in old money) just digging up these few!

The rest of my peas have also been picked and are bathing in the sun awaiting a good threshing, so even if all else fails I have
potatoes and peas to live on.

Sun bathing Peas!

Two days ago (16 June 2011) we had the lunar eclipse pass over Bulgaria at the not unreasonable time of 21:22. I
informed the concregation at the pub, that the moon would be turning red and then disappear (during totality). To which Ali in his
usual dry sarcasm translated this to Hussain (Imam) that I am like Gallileo.

At approximately 20:30 that evening Ali was outside, and called to say that moon had already disappeared (It had behind a load of cloud
and that was the last that was seen of it). I will not be making predictions of celestial happenings again in the pub as seems they are just wasted!

Shelling Peas

I have just spent nearly 3 hours harvesting and preparing to store my first crop of peas, I thought I would harvest them earlier so they are in ‘Garden Pea’
form instead of letting them grow to full maturity, and having ‘Marrowfat’ peas. This was mistake number one. Yes the peas are sweeter, and are delicious when eaten
direct from the pod. But shelling the damn things, is just a waste of your life.

My 3 hours work!

The rest of my peas needless to say will be of the marrowfat variety, where by they are left on the plant until fully ripe, then dried and shaken from their pods.
The down side being that they are really then only good for ‘mushy’ peas, or pea soup. Ah well who likes garden peas anyway!

Peas – Why Bother

This is my third year at growing peas, I think I must be masochistic (3rd Definition) although
I have yet to rule out the first 2, but when it comes to peas it is definately number 3!

If you are going to grow peas prepare for war. I have tried planting direct in the ground, I have planted in pots on the windowsill it matters not when
I put the buggers in the ground I end up after the birds, mice, catepillars and god knows what else to harvest less than I actually planted. This is clearly the opposite
of being self reliant (Unless of course you are a pea!)

I live no where near the coast, we have no near by rock faces so can some one please tell me why there are bloody pidgeons eating my peas. Let alone the two
fat cats I have living off me, who seem to think that birds in the garden is a good thing and merely wave at them before tucking into there dried food from Lidl. I
forsee a new diet in the offing!

And just for Doggnap my wooden post has sprouted some leaves – they are magic these Bulgarians!

My magic Post!

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