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Always good to get both sides of a story……  the English version of North Koreas Daily Rag.  Has overtones of the The Times during WWII.  Interesting though…………

Only in Wales……..(Diversity workers in Action)

OH will love this one.  The All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (AWEMA) has been in the press recently.  All for the wrong reasons.  It started when the Financial Director blew the whistle on the Chief Executive for financial irregularities (he openly admitted using £6000 of public money to pay off private credit card debts).  He was also accused by former staff of bullying.

The board of trustees were outraged at this and demanded that the CEO who employed his daughter and increased her salary from £20k to £50k in three years without board approval demanded that he say sorry.  Say sorry!!!!!!

An investigation into the £8.4m of public money that this organisation gets to help the 2.1% of the Welsh population of 3,006,400 (yes thats right all 63,134 people, but they do not help Welsh speakers as they are not a minority – really?).

The new Chair of the board of trustees now accuses the people making the accusations of racism.  You couldn’t make it up.


Update: 18:00 Thur 9 Feb


Beer, Fags & Crisps

There is nothing I enjoy more (or at least used to), than was a night in the pub enjoying a pint of beer, a crafty fag, and some salty crisps.  In the last couple of years all three of my vices have been turned into public enemy numbers one, two and three.  I am not sure why, the looming pension crisis would have me believe that living past my pension age would soon be treated with the same disdain as force feeding children with heroin (at least in the eyes of politicians) it seems not though.  So why does the government want me to live past retirement age (that’s if you are allowed to retire before you are forced into state provided care facilities – at your expense).

Is it because the closer you get to retirement the more likely you are to vote for these numpties?


Bugger me that simple.

Italy Joins in The Fun

I have just been reading on the news websites how Italy has joined some of the other Eurozone members in having its bonds put into the ‘junk’ folder.  Some of the comments on the BBC’s website really does have me wonder what planet some of these people are on.

They vary from the ‘corrupt political elite’ to the ‘nation of tax avoiders’ where it seems to me both are mutually inclusive.  If you have a ‘corrupt political elite’ then you are going to have a ‘nation of tax avoiders’.  I believe that our illustrious leaders are just as corrupt as any Italian, Greek, or any other European equivalent.  I also don’t blame anyone for trying to avoid taxation.  In the UK it is called ‘effective-tax-planning’ and seems to be the preserve of the ‘banking classes’.  But if you know that your political class is just lining its own pocket with your tax money, you are hardly going to join a queue to hand over your cash.

Our politicians are just better at hiding there scams, either that or us Brits are just too gullible, and believe what our leaders tell us.

Whose next after Italy, Spain are odds on at the moment, no doubt they are bunch of ‘tax avoiders’ or have a ‘corrupt political class’.  I wonder who these commentators are going to blame when its our turn.

Greece – the birth place of ‘Democracy’

The Greek PM is facing a backlash from his own politicians for offering the people of Greece the ability to make a decision on their future.  They would rather that Greece and its population enslave themselves to EU for the next 50 years.

This referendum is not a vote on repayment of debts, this referendum represents a plebiscite on membership of the EU itself.  So unless the career ‘politniks’ with noses in the trough get there way and stop this referendum from happening what choice do the people of Greece face.

a.  A vote for the new repayment schedule, enslaves the people of Greece for the next two generations – this just manages to repay the interest, the debt still remains, and bankers in France in Germany get to collect this years bonus.

b.  A vote against, in effect bankrupts Greece, they leave the EU.  The bank loans are default – they fail (no bonus this year).  Greece goes back to the Drachma – nobody starves.  The children of tomorrow are not enslaved to the banks of the EU.

No wonder the politicians are worried about the choice given to the people.  Its not a hard one is it.

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