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Chimney Sweep

Part of trying to live self reliantly is having a go at things you would normally leave to experts, or in the case of sweeping the chimney
someone who knows what they are doing. Not me though! Sweeping a chimney how hard can it be?

the way up to my roof

I have jumped out of planes at 3000 feet and 12000 feet, I have freefall parachuted for 60 seconds. I have abseiled down sheer rock faces and
enjoy climbing up them. Walking up a 30 year old roof some 5 metres from the ground though adds a new angle to vertigo. It is not the height, more
it is my 85kg of mass pushing down on an old roof!

A view from the top

For the last two years I have bought Osman (52kgs) a couple of beers for the privilege of climbing on my roof to sweep the chimney, unfortunately this
year he is away working in Germany and rather than look like a big girls blouse have decided to do it myself.

Another  view from the top

Needless to say I am still in one piece otherwise I would not be writing this now!

Infact as soon as I realized the roof was not going to
cave in decided to take my camera up with a coffee and sat down on the chimney to enjoy the view. My neighbours no longer think of me as a big girls
blouse but a bit mental. ‘Why were you sitting on your chimney with a coffee taking pictures ? You nutter!’

Another view from the top

The Impotance of a Good Roof

When we first came to Bulgaria to buy a house one of the main things that we were looking for was a house with a good roof. We knew what the weather
would be like in mid winter, and if the house didn’t have a good roof ie leaked that would be detrimental to the rest of the building if it went unfixed
until we had time to come out. Luckily the house we moved into although needing ‘complete modernisation‘ had a good basic structure and a fully working roof

Compare this with the house next door which had a small hole in the roof just a few years ago and now has, well, half of the house missing.

A Small leak can lead to this!

Every year I check all the tile and seals around the chimney stack to ensure there are no leaks, because even newly built rooves if go unchecked can
give you a nasty surprise when the rain comes.

Why am I mentioning this now? The rains have started coming, and for those of you who are looking at buying a house in BG my advice whould be go for
a house with a good roof. Or if you are planning on having a new one built make sure that you employ someone who knows what they are doing. A Bulgarian guarantee
is good for starting the wood burner, but not for much else.

The climate in BG is that much different from the UK, what with the very hot and very cold tempreatures that your roof has to do so much more than just
keep the rain out!

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