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Best Before?

I have just finished preserving the last of my garden food, it is all canned, jarred, or dried.  Most of it will keep for a year or so, the stuff in jars will probably last even longer. Every now and then though one might go bad.  I don’t however have to put ‘best-before’, or ‘use-by’ dates on anything that I have preserved.  So when reading this article about  ‘sell by dates’ being removed from food packaging in UK it did make me chuckle!  Why is it that we as humans in the western world need informing when food is off and shouldn’t be eaten.  I can tell straight away, the stuff stinks, or tastes like old sick.


‘Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman: “People are confused about food labelling” – who exactly is confused?  What is there to be confused about?  If it stinks and is not blue cheese chuck it.  If it tastes of sick throw it away.  No date is required.  If shops sell you some crappy food take it back or even better don’t shop there again.

A loaf of bread in my local shop is 38p for fresh bread after 24 hours you can get it for half price.  After another 24 hours it is sold as ‘dog bread’ for pennies.  Not a single label in sight.  Amazing.  Bulgarians are obviously much more intelligent than British bods who would all poison themselves if not told exactly when food goes bad, or confused even when told.  I know most people aren’t idiots, so why do we accept being treated like them.

Tomato Puree

Just been out and picked todays crops – tomatoes – 30kg of them. Fortunately unlike cucmbers I am quite good at making these into something
that will last through winter and if done properly will last a year or to. So if you have grown you own tomatoes, and have eaten enough salad to amke you
feel like a tree hugger, they are dead easy to turn into tomato puree which will keep for ages here is how I do it, any other ideas please let me know.

Tomatoes here are mine that I picked this morning.

Two Buckets of Toms

These then get chopped into quarters, so the can fit through my juicing machine.

Chopped Toms

Bulgarian Jucing Machine

This removes the skin and the seeds which if left in make your puree very acidic. It is well worth doing otherwise you would have add sugar
to make this more palatable. Do enough tomatoes to fill up the biggest pan that you have

Tomato Pulp in a pan!

Then put over a high heat and reduce down to your required consistency, I like mine as a paste so this takes a while, but it does save
on storage jars. I also add half a cup of malt vinegar, salt, and cooking oil. These are not necessary just personnel taste.

Reduced by about half

Then you just need to put in sealable jars (whilst still hot!), anything that you get from a supermarket will do if they have a depressable lid that clicks when opened.

My tomatoes in a Jam Jar

Put on a lid, turn it upside down to check that it has sealed, leave to cool and check the lid to make sure that it does not click! Dolmio eat
your heart out, no E numbers, emulsifiers, and depending upon the seal on the jar will keep good for a year or two.

Todays Toms in Jars

Silly Season

OK I give up, just look at this…

Cucumber Mountain North Face

This mornings harvest

I went out in all innocence this morning, was glad to pick a few ripe tomatoes then slowly edged my way to the cucumber plot. I am starting
to get suspicous at the rate of growth of the damn things.

I also got to pick the first nectarines on the tree I planted two years ago, there really is nothing nicer than fruit picked straight from the
tree, I took the picture before I picked them for good reason as I had eaten them before I got back inside.



I have caused a storm with ladies of the village, they all look on in envy at my onion stringing ability! The traditional way here is to put them
in sacks as you would potatoes, so now everyone is coming around to see what the silly english is doing with his onions.

Onions on String

Just wait until they try my beetroot & curry chutney!

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