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House for sale £5000

One of my neighbours has just returned from Turkey for his retirement, the house next door to him is up for grabs.  He doesn’t want it empty.  It is in the village of Staravo which is 40 mins from the beach in Greece and 1 hour from the Ski resort of Pamparovo.  You can find it on google earth here.

The house needs lots of renovation – new roof, new windows and doors, but with local prices this could be done in the region of £4000.  The house is 240m2 of living space over two floors and the garden is approx 800m2.

Here are the pictures.  Should you be interested please email me inthe first instance.  Free help with the documents, and organising builders from your new neighbour.

100_3391 100_3392 100_3393 100_3394 100_3395 100_3396 100_3397 100_3398 100_3399 100_3400 100_3401 100_3402

So, Brexit, Nexit, Frexit……press the red button





Been watching all the shite coming out of main stream media on this.  The sides taken by each are not shocking:

BBC  – Pro EU

Guardian – Pro EU

Daily Mail – Read by UKIP voters (see comments on any EU piece)

Daily Express – Say no more 🙂

HM The Queen – Brexit

There seems to be a real lack of any actual independent info out there that isn’t driven by vested interests.  So here is my two pence worth.  First some disclousure:

1.  I live (when not working) in Bulgaria.

2.  My current contract is with the EU police in Den Haag.

3.  I don’t care about immigration – I don’t think anyone should get paid benefits via taxation.

4.  I don’t care if the country is richer/poorer because of the outcome of the referendum either.

5.  I think 650 politicians telling me what to do is 650 too many.

6.  I don’t care what big businesses and politicians of other countries think is a good idea for us.  They don’t have my/our interests at heart – I have never even met them.

So with those facts you would assume that I am a fervant pro-EU remain campaigner.

Well, actually, not really.

So why as a person who works for an EU agency and lives in an EU country do I think it is a good idea that the UK should vote to leave.  It will not come as a shock to many to learn that my loathing of policticians and the establishment is quite high.  At the moment with our FPTP (First Past The Post) system we have to put up with a government that at the last election in May 2015 whcih had a 66% turnout gave ‘Call me Dave’ a majority with 11 million votes.  Not bad.  Well that was 37% of the people that voted.  Quick sums tells us that 37% of 66% is 24%.  Yes 24% of the people eligible to vote wanted ‘Call me Dave’ to be PM. (Labour only got 18% and came second!)

So due to our fucking shite system we have to put up with 650 fully expensed MP’s telling us how they are going to bend us over and screw us, and isn’t democracy great.  I eargerly await the revolution.

What has this got to do with Brexit.  If Dave thinks it is a good idea to stay in that would normally be enough. Nige thinking it is a good idea to leave would be the same.

My main reason for wanting to leave is self-determination.  Personally I would like to put passport control in at the gate of my garden.  I don’t want 650 politicians stealing from me, I certainly don’t want another 751 fleecing me.  So here is my top 5 reasons to vote leave and vote remain:

Reasons to Vote Remain:

1.  EU passports – less visas 🙂

2.  Status Quo – not the band

3.  Free Trade – organised by the EU

4.  Schengen (Whilst it lasts)

5.  I like Europe.


Reasons to Leave:

1.  Less politicians living off me.

2.  Angela Merkel is no longer in charge of me.  Or M. Hollande.

3.  Free Trade – Organised by UK

4.  Shengen (Whilst it lasts)

5.  I hate the EU.

I, as I said work at an EU agency.  So I have seen first hand the waste – of time – of resources – of everything that occurs at these places.  EU agency staff get paid twice the market rate, do not pay any taxation, and get two years half pay at the end of there 9 year contracts.

Just to put that into perspective.  1st line IT guy – yes the one that tells you to reboot your PC takes home €7k a month before allowances.  Do you really want to pay for this?

The French love Free Speech – Really?

Well as long as it doesn’t upset the Catholic Church. Can’t wait for all the new legislation, and destruction of liberties that will arise from the protection of my ‘free speech’ be careful what you wish for…..



Band in France because it upset the Catholics…..oh the irony.

Picture paints a thousand words……




Almost didn’t recognise it.  Samodiva Bulgaria

Don’t Feed the Animals

I have been thinking (dangerous I know) but this sign come to my attention, I am sure that everyone has come along something similar. ‘Don’t feed the animals as they will become dependent on that as a food source and this will lead them to not be able to feed themselves’.  I am thinking that Bob Geldof has never seen seen this sign.  No I am not saying that people in an emergency do not need help, but that perpetual food aid is a complete myth.  Stay with me here.  If I provide you with all your food that you need, would you ever go to a shop and buy any food?  Probably not, and if after a while I removed that aid would you be able to feed yourself?

So why is it that we know this is not a good thing, and yet anyone who would dare say that food aid, (see food banks UK) is not a good idea is made to look evil.  If we can’t feed ourselves, and become dependent upon others for our basic needs, we are nothing but slaves.  If you believe that slavery is a bad thing never give to a Food bank.

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