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Been a while….oops

Well bloody hell doesn’t time fly.  I will make an attempt to update any poor soul who is interested in what I have been upto.  So here goes.  I left BG in Nov 2011 due to the financial crisis (my money ran out – not good for someone claiming to be nearly self sufficient)  I have since then been back in the UK (It hurts lots – it is even worse than I remember it when I left in 2008)  It took me a while to find gainful employment but I am now back in the rat race and saving pennies as if they are going to go out of circulation in the next few weeks.


I got a job working on databases, and after 9 months of being in the job the company decided it would be best if the headquarters was actually in Cyprus (12.5% corporation tax) rather than the UK (20% corporation tax) purely for fun of it.  (I am all for paying as little tax as possible).  So I enquired if it would be possible to re-loacte to the new headquarters and they said YAY! 🙂


So now I find myself living and working in Nicosia.  Still saving as much as possible to return to BG.  I am thinking of asking if they would let me work from there, I see no reason why not.  I have proven that I am capabale of working in Cyprus so what difference would BG make same timezone.


This blog may make diversions into Cyprus life for a while, wish me luck as I plant the seeds with bosses, as too how I will be much more productive in BG.


Anyone still there?



Nearly Midsummers Day

Summer is officially over in South Wales…………

……….5 days of sun, threats of hose pipe bans, ‘Cor its a scorcher’ headlines in the shitty press.  Thankfully it is back to normal 8C, pissing down with rain.


Got to love the UK.  The picture is of my next woodwork project think it might come in useful soon.  My two cats might even join me.

Proud to be English?

I spent this weekend getting up a 6 in the morning to watch the quarter finals of the rugby world cup taking place in New Zealand.  The game of rugby is not played or watched in any part of Bulgaria as far as I know, although their neighbours in Romania fielded a team for this years world cup.

The first match up this weekend was Wales v Ireland, and being a guest in west Wales thought it good and proper to support the home side, and after watching the initial exchanges this proved to be a wise choice not only to keep in with my hosts, but also to be able to cheer on the better playing team.  This match was shortly followed by England v France.  When it comes to sport and in particular team sports, the English team are over hyped by the media and then everyone feels let down at the spectacle on offer.  I have some interest in Rugby and even more so since I have moved to Wales.  The Welsh media, and many fans are normally quite pessimistic though, so any triumph is welcomed with open arms.  English fans of rugby and football alike seem to believe that we should win every game and if we don’t there is a withchunt for the scapegoat, and blame everything on anybody other than the team not actually being good enough.

Needless to say the English performed to their normal standard, and the French team are now through to the semi finals next week against Wales.

The coverage following these two matches quickly skated over how well either of the winning teams had played, and had deservedly progressed in the competition, but quickly turned into an hour long analysis on where it had all gone wrong with the England team.  The whole media on ITV just made the English seem like a big bunch of bad losers, which from the media point of view we probably are.  Not once did they make any positive remark about a team that had progressed at the top of their group and been knocked out by a better team in the quarter finals.  All we had was, ‘players out drinking’, ‘unproven manager’, ‘no CEO of rugby’, anything but the better team won.  So it was nice to see when they interviewed the players, that they were obviously disappointed with being out of the competition, but also acknowledged that on the day the french were the better side.

My hosts were delighted that Wales won, and even seemed disappointed with the England result, when I questioned this, they told me they thought Wales would beat England and didn’t fancy there chances against the French.  One of them also received a severe weather warning on his mobile phone shortly after the England game.  By all accounts there is a ‘Shower of Shit’ arriving from New Zealand some time on Monday.  You have been warned!


Back to Blighty

Bizarre, I stepped onto to Easyjet in Sofia on the 1st of October in 25 degrees of sunshine, armed with my coat and thermal top and awaited the rain to greet me in Gatwick on my return to the UK.  Get off the plane in Gatwick and it is 30 degrees and hot and sunny.  I thought the pilot had got lost and flwon south instead.  Until that is I got through arrivals and was surrounded by overweight tattooed grandmothers heading to Tenerife to celebrate their thirtieth birthdays, taking all of their offspring with them – this could only the UK.

My blog for the next few months will not be blasting you with how great living in Bulgaria is compared to that of the UK, but more likely how pissed off I am at being back in the UK for a few months.  I am already feeling like some kind of pariah.  A smoking, drinking, salt eating ruiner of everyone elses lives through my dirty vices.

I have to get a job for a few months as living in the UK is pricey and I am not one for signing on and living off the tax payers, unlike 20% of the population.  I am off for a lie down as  I have just bought a sunday paper and it cost me £2.20.  I could get half pissed for that up my pub!

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