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  1. EP says:

    Here or there for Christmas? Your cactus thrive as does your lemon tree…how about you…..

  2. JACKIE says:

    Hi I have been trying to find the blog on how you paid your company tax return at the post office you made it sound so easy as all I seem to get is its so complicated and will cost me a lot of leva as I will need an accounted and so on please your advice would be very welcomed
    thank you jackie

  3. Roger says:

    Hi Dominic,
    Another BG resident here ! Enjoy your blog and have enjoyed my first 11 months village life in Palamartsa.
    I was in the offshore diving business for most of my working life and so I’ve sampled some of the worst places the world has to offer !
    I’m planning to be ‘big in bees’, so would be great to catch up with you when you get back overe here.
    Like you, I find BG an infinitely less f**ked up place than the UK !

  4. Roger says:

    @ John , re Palamartsa. Current village status would be 20 odd permanents and a floating population of about the same with holiday visits.
    Pretty ideal, actually, very little friction, but enough to enjoy a weekly beer with a native English speaker you get on with !
    Keep in context that the village used like all BG villages to have a much larger BG population, so no one is cramped for space !
    If you go on youtube, type in Palamartsa, scroll through to a video by Mrs Laffalot, the screen shot is the village dance troop rehursing and the credits shot is something like Northeast Bulgaria. The video is scenes round the village and various inhabitants – thats me trotting the horse round the stuble field at the end.

  5. gazza says:

    So Dom, what’s happening with the gudlife thing these days? Are you still in the UK paying penance or are you back living the life in BG? Just wondered what it was that tore you away in the first place. I am looking to visit shortly with a view to buying and moving over full time. Best laid plans…etc.

  6. Holly says:

    Hi, I have just read all of your blog as I am buying a house out here in Bulgaria. I really enjoyed all the info on how you lived here and wondered if you were coming back over?

    Either way, hope all is well with you and Annie and keep us updated!

    Ciao ciao

    (PS are you ever in Bulgaria at night and here a really f*ing weird sound that freaks you right out lol?!)

    • tgl says:

      Hopefully will be coming back in the next year or so. Annie is going over in May for 4 months to sort some things out with the house, and get some Bulgarian practice in :). Good luck with your adventure and if you are ever in the Kardjali region be sure to let us know.


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