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Flatland - Edwin A Abbott - 10 August 2010

This has got to be one of the best books ever written. It has the ability to completely change you perception of the world we live in. Yet was first published in 1884. The book was one of the many reasons that I decided at the age of 29 to return to University to study mathematics and physics. Not originally written as a science book but more of a paraody of the patriarchial society of the UK at the time, it asks many fundamental questions, if it is possible to imagine a universe in 2 dimensions, and we the the one we live in has 3 spatial dimensions then surely we can imagine a fourth or fifth spatial dimension.

The book describes the musings of A Square a mathematician and resident of the 2 deminsional world flatland and his encounter with a being from the 3 dimensional universe. Revolutionary for its time it still has the power to make the reader question the realities of 3 dimensional space even now.




Welcome to the 'Gud' Life, the home of self Reliant living on the internet. If you are interested in becoming more self reliant, or thinking of selling up and doing it for real you will find all you need to know right here. Written by someone who has done just that. Learn from my many mistakes

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Dear All, the information on this website is given as is, I am not a solicitor, and believe the world would be a better place without them. If you follow the advice on this site, and use your common sense you will not come to any harm. I cannot and will not guarantee any of the information here, it is just based on my experience, and I am always willing to learn. Life after all is a learning experience. If you know of better or improved techniques please share them and I will update the site as neccessary. Enjoy and be happy. TGL 

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