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24 Hour Watermelons! - 28 July 2010

  The last couple of days have passed in a blur, the weather has proved all those climate change enthusiasts right (at least this week), it is coming up to the end of July, the weather in Southern Bulgaria should read: Today Hot & Sunny, Tomorrow Hot & Sunny, etc, etc. However we have had tropical storms and max temps of 21C, which was the minimum temp the week before!

The Pime Minister of Bulgaria has visited Kirkovo a town about 15 Kms way on a popularity drive, I only knew of this as I was driving to Djebel and every 200m a policeman was lined up at the the side of the road, and Annie has posted a picrure of me whilst fishing in my underpants on the forum! So I have had better weeks.

I was in Djebel yesterday taking one of neighbours to visit a sick relative in hospital, and at the side of the road was someone selling watermelons, we decided to stop as ours in our gardens are only the size of apples at the moment and at 40 stotinki a kilo they really are quite cheap.

My Melons

Bulgarians really are quite enterprising and never miss an oppoutunity to make some money, but what made me smile was the sign put up to advertise the water melons, I wish I had had my camera, but it looked like this:

24 Hour Melon Service

So not only is he selling watermelons (Dini) and they cost 40 stotinki a kilo but this is availbale 24 hours a day. You just don't get that commitment to work in the UK. Today I will be in my garden starting on the construction of my Bulgarian Greenhouse I will post the details with pics tomorrow.


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