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(A bit) About Bulgaria

I have lived in Bulgaria since Aug 2008. I find it an absolutely stunning place with friendly people, beautiful scenery, and a little bit of high level corruption. So all in all a good edition to the EU. Anyone thinking of an unusual get away from it all holiday, who is up for a bit of a challenge, I would highly recommend it. Even if you normally spend two weeks getting inebriated near a beach, Bulgaria can accommodate you. Sunny Beach (Pronounced sun-chil brag in Bulgarian) is a cheaper version of the Costa del Sol (Spanish for Sunny Coast) and as with the Costa Del Sol you needn't bother learning a word of their language and you can buy a copy of yesterdays Sun for £3. Delightful! (Have you spotted the irony yet). However for those of you that can read, there is a lot more to discover, I will cover some of the more not so well known areas later in other articles.

Adrenalin junkies, can get their fix during the skiing season, with popular resorts, such as Bankso, and Pamporova , providing probably the cheapest ski, and après ski in Europe. Out of the ski season, hiking and climbing take over the ski resorts, and in the south western rhodopes there is some great caving to be done

Culture Vultures are also well catered for, the history of Bulgaria, from its inception in 681 AD to modern times has been quite dramatic for a nation of its size and population. Even before then the plains of Thrace, and neighbouring Macedonia (of Alexander the Great fame) was highly disiputed and much coveted and fought. Being as it is, neighbouring what is now modern Turkey and the gateway from Europe to the Bosphorus, and Asia beyond.

It is no real surprise then, from a purely historical view Bulgaria has much to offer those that don't want a 'Big Mac' next to the Sphinx, or a 'Starbucks' on the Great Wall of China. I warn you now though, you will have to earn your experience. Do not expect 5 star hotels, or asphalt roads. Personally I think they take away from the experience. Bulgaria is here to be discovered. So don't wait until O'Neills (there is one near Sunny Beach), has opened up under Castle Ustra, in the Kardjali region. Get off the beaten track. Don't follow others on to it. There is no Kho-San road, if you have no phrase book you will be pointing and gesturing or you will go hungry! I have listed some more obscure things that many people overlook, but are well worth a visit

Recommended Pre-Reading

I have listed these in order of what I consider to be there importance for anyone thinking of discovering Bulgaria. If you are going to 'Sunny Beach' just bring your copy of 'The Sun' with you. Otherwise:

  1. Do not forget your phrasebook, I highly recommend the Lonely Planets' Bulgarian Phrase Book. You can get here:

    Bulgarian (Lonely Planet Phrasebook)

  2. If you go anywhere in the south of Bulgaria, it is well worth investing in the Turkish edition also. These books are worth their weight in gold. They not only cover the basics to get you going, but both also contain humorous 'Romance' sections, which are a good conversation starter in most Kruchmas (pubs). They easily fit into your pocket. You can the Turkish one here:

    Turkish (Lonely Planet Phrasebook)

  3. If you are going to get a guide book, then there really is only one, and since I have linked to their competitors for the phrase books, it only seems fair that give 'The Rough Guide' to Bulgaria the big thumbs up. An excellent book. Read it on the plane on the way here, or however else you intend to travel. It's right here:

    The Rough Guide to Bulgaria - 5th Edition

Let's start though with getting here.

The best way to get to Bulgaria from the UK, is cattle class, with one of the 'easy-ryan-baby' airlines, if you plan to come March-April(after Skiing - Before Costa del Sol) and can travel midweek you will save a fortune compared to peak season at the weekend. The same applies for September (back to school) to December(before it snows), and realistically these are the best times to come. January and Feb can get quite chilly (-15C during the day last year 2009) and July and August you will need a siesta in the afternoons as the heat can be oppressive. This doesn't really apply to the coastal regions though.

Some of My Favoutite Places to visit in Bulgaria (in no particular order)

Random Thing You May Not Know About Bulgaria

  • Tortoises are native here, they really get everywhere. Here is one I caught in my garden!

Lettuces Watch Out!

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