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Annie's World - Life in Bulgaria Part 2
  Having travelled to many countries, I have experienced the extremes of beliefs and religions. Being a strong minded female, I have had some issues with the way women are treated, you know - they walk ten steps behind the man, don't speak, accept that male strangers can fondle and 'rub' against you to their hearts content. I was therefore very concerned when I realised that we had moved to a predominately muslim area. For those of you who do not know me, I enjoy the odd (?!) beer and a smoke. So you can understand my concerns, I had images of being stoned to death. I need not have worried. Although they are devout during Ramadam (which I admire), they are not extreme - in fact, to the contrary.

I am 'the only girl in the pub'. I will discuss this in greater detail later. I want to give you more details of a woman's life in Bulgaria. The womans role it to look after the house. It is that basic. They will be the ones that get up at 5.00am to milk the cow, to meet the milk van and exchange the milk for bread. They will spend hours labouring over a hot petchka to make the meals (oh, that's after they have spent 3 days solid chopping wood), the houses are spotless and no-one goes without woollen socks. And do you know what, they all seem as happy as larry. All they ask for is good gossip and very very sweet cakes. The best clothes (and even a bra) go on when it's a visit to the market or when visiting relatives.

The older women always look cold. They are kitted out in their MC Hammer trousers, woollen socks, rubber shoes, house coat, woollen tanktops and head scarfs and that's in August. They daren't venture out in winter.

In contrast, the younger girls have all obviously subscribed to 'Vogue'. Done up to the nines in their very tight jeans and tight tops (no imagination needed boys). Hair immaculate. I was intimidated by the pertness of their breasts until I went to the local market. They have caught on to our padded bras idea!! An ideal gift to give a girl is perfume, make-up and nail varnish.

In our village, we have been a huge source of amusement to them. Jemina was in shock when she saw Dom doing the washing up and cooking, she even tried to stop him. She was almost embarrassed. I have been threatened to be taught how to cook, whilst Dom is mocked because I do most of the DIY.

As I only visit every 3 months or so, I am always inundated with invites to go for coffee and they always have a warm smile and deep hugs for me. It is so heart warming. Secretly I would love to get them all together one night and get them tipsy. It would be hilarious!!!!! (Don't think the men would be to impressed though)

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