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A Goat A Sheep and lots of Beer!

This weekend has been mainly spent eating meat and drinking beer. I am not sure if there is a reason for all the barbeques that have been occurring, or whether the change in weather from to hot and sunny to absolutely boiling has sparked a sudden change in peoples social activity but it was a welcome change to integrate myself a bit more with some of my neighbours as well as experience barbeque Bulgarian style.

At 10 o'clock Saturday morning I am interrupted from my red onions and asked if would like to attend 'the killing of a goat'. At least that is how I translated it. Never one to refuse a new experience I set off with some of my neighbours to the local sheep farmers house to watch and help prepare the goat for what was to be a gigantic spit roast! I have pictures of the butchering process but will keep them to myself as I would not like to encourage anyone to become vegetarian. Our goat was then skewered on a small tree and wrapped up for us to take with us.

After locating a flat space with shade we started building our fire and arranged the skewered goat so that it could be turned over the fire and rubbed with salt and oil during the cooking process. We also refreshed ourselves with a few beers as it was early afternoon and getting very hot.

Mustapha the sheep farmer then came down to help with the cooking process and to make sure we didn't ruin his goat!

Goat on a stick

The cooking process takes about 4 hours so we killed the time with a few more beers and creating a salad to go with it.

Fridge of Beer

I enquired where we would be eating the goat and was told that someone was bringing table and chairs, I imagined a picnic set and thought this might not be enough for the 15 of us that had arrived so far with the promise of a few more to come. When Bulgarians eat 'Al Fresco' though they like to do it in style.

The table and chairs arrive!

The carving of the meat began and my friend Safette the local postman was obviously getting a little hungry and brought his own plate!

Safettes Plate

There was just time for a quick group photo before sat down to devour the goat, with yet more beer, mastika and my bottle of Jamesons whiskey which didn't last long.

Ready and Hungry

I was full to bursting and quite merry when the homing beacon started to signal from my bedroom, and was shocked to find that it was 2:30 am when I had managed to walk the 2 km home!

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the next morning I was awoken again at 10 am by Osman, 'Do you want to come and kill a lamb'

Bleary eyed I thought I was having de ja vu! So not really knowing what was going on I dressed quickly and the day proceeded along similar path to that of Saturday. The difference being that Saturdays barbeque had been the strict reserve of the Mlads, (35 and under) and we had eaten goat. Sunday however was to be the more mature in age (35 and over) and the meat of choice was to be lamb! (Un)fortunately I qualified for both parties being 35!

Our surroundings were to be Mustaphas'(not the sheep farmer another one) fishing lodge.

Fishing Lodge

Which at least meant that we could cool off if it got too hot.

Aziz who kindly provided the lamb, got a bit over whlemed by the occasion and fell asleep whilst describing to me the process of butchering his lamb.

Aziz is tired

Everything got a bit hot for Osman also but he preffered to take a dip to reawaken his vitality! Which started spontaneous singing and dancing by the rest of the guests.

Osman preparing for a swim

Needless to say I will be back on salads, and water until my cholesterol has returned to normal levels. I had a great weekend and they have really made me feel welcome in my village, they don't like me to miss out on any occasion, which sometimes can have a negative effect on my health but is never turned down.


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