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He's not drunk he's just joking - Crash! - 27 March 2011

The clocks have gone forward it is officially spring. I have celebrated my birthday (36), and have started this years food campaign. The village is slowly emptying. Those who normally work abroad for the summer months are departing again, and this year increasingly, those that are no longer growing tobacco are following them. Soon there will only be me left!

Daffodils in Bulgaria

I have passed the age of celebrating my advancing years, that however did not stop the rest of my neighbours joining me in the pub for a few beers. Very generous they all were too.

The normal tipple here in Bulgaria is 'Mastika' which you would probably know as ouzo. The favourite brand here, "Peshtara" is 47% and is served in 100ml servings. Needless to say when you have had a few, it can some times just take away your legs! So last night I was in the pub (It is the weekend) and one of my neighbours (no names to protect the innocent) finishes his 3rd of the evening and decides its time to head home. I am heading off as well (3 beers - only) when I see my neighbour doing the walk I shout back to Hikmet (the barman) and say I think my neighbour may need a lift home as he is heading in the wrong direction. Hikmet comes out to see what the fuss is about, sees the evidence, and asks if he would like a lift home. All I hear back is a grunted 'Hayir' (no in Turkish) So Hikmet says to me:

'He's not drunk he's just having a joke'

(Pause for the 3 seconds)

Crash! My neighbour has finally lost all use of his legs and is now lying on the floor. So Hikmet and I go and get him on his feet, and again offer him a lift. No, no, no, I just slipped (all in slurred Turkish).

(another pause for 5 seconds)

Another crash, and aforementioned neighbour back on the floor!

I really thought we should give him a lift, but Hikmet assured me he was only playing about. So todays top tip is don't play about when drinking 'Mastika'.

Daffodils in Bulgaria

The weather has been kind enough to allow me to continue my path building (I have nearly finished). Stepping stones in Bulgaria are unheard of though. I have been asked many times why I have missed bits out. When I explain how/why I made them I am just given strange looks that translate as 'Silly English'.


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