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How to Buy a Postage Stamp - 17 May 2011

I love living in Bulgaria, but sometimes some of the strange things that happen really do bewilder me. I had two letters to post this morning, so knowing that Safette my local postman would open up the shop at 09:00 am I sauntered down to the post office.

The village of Samodiva where I live has about 40 residents, the majority of which all live with their extended family no more than 3 km away. So I suppose it is no surprise that letters are not the best way of communicating with ones friends and family when you actually see them most days. There are however people in the village who have friends and family in Turkey, and for the last 3 years (me) some stupid Englishman who keeps putting stuff in the post box.

Me:Stravay Saffete, Kak see? (Hello Saffette how are you?)

Saffette:Dobrei Dominik, te Kak see? (I'm good how are you?)

Me: E az sum dobrei. Eyma li marki? (an I am good. Is there any stamps? - (This is a post office))

Safette: Nyama (No this isn't)

Me: Koga marki eyma? (when stamps is there (My Bulgarian is still not that good)

Safette:Az nis nam, ak oh iska bursa Djebel eyma (I don't know - If you want them fast there are some in Djebel))

A post office without stamps! So I head in to the local metropolis of Djebel (pop 25,000 ish) and head straight to the post office. The postman there I also know as he actually lives in Samodiva (a modern day Bulgarian commuter!). He has been warned of my arrival!!

So as not to have make the trip every time I wanted to post something I decided to stock up and asked if I could buy 50 x 1 lev stamps and 50 x 20 stotinki. This it seems was not so much bulk buying as considered hoarding. After much negotiating he gave into my demands. Unfotunately the regional office of the post office only contained 24 x 1 lev stamps! Well as of today they actually don't have any at all, as I bought the lot.

Every Stamp in Djebel
Every stamp in Djebel

At times Bulgaria is a really mad place - why on earth would a regional post office have more than 25 stamps at there disposal!


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