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On a Busmans Holiday - Crocadile Dundee IV

My better half came over to see me over New Year, unfortunately we had a burst pipe back in the UK which resulted in the police breaking in to turn the water off thankfully the the insurance coughed up, so instead of employing UK plasterers at 400 pounds a day I have two willing builders from my village who are able to come and put everything right for 40 pounds a day!

So until the 28 Feb this will be last update, as I and two of my Bulgarian neighbours head back to my two up to down in Swansea to sort out our house there. One of my neighbours is 55 years old and has never been on a plane before in his life (like most of the village), and has been watching nothing but airplane disaster movies since he accepted to come.

If the tax man is reading this this they will be working for free, but I might give them a present at the end of it. It should be a really good laugh as neither of my friends has been to the UK before, not sure what they will think of suburban Swansea with its Heroin addicts and beggars all around it should be an experience. I I imagine something similar to Crocodile Dundee!

Up at 4 in the morning tomorrow! Everyone was shaking hands in the pub tonight as if we were on the next NASA mission!


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