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9 Eggs, 4 Chicks, 2 Tomatoes & a Hive of Bees

So there I was in the pub last night wondering what I might get up to today, when in walks Hussain the Imam of the local mosque. He wanted to know what time the buses to Kardjali were the next day as he had to go in and buy some chicken. After my last day trip with the Imam this was too good an oppoutyunity to miss.

So I told him that I would give him a lift and we could go whenever he wanted. 08:30 the next moring we depart for the metropolis that is Kardjali. Park next to the market and head off to the live chicken stalls. Much haggling, inspecting and choosing later we head back off to the car with a box full of chicks all chirping away quietly to themselves. Before leaving Kardjali we visit one of the soup kitchen thingys for Chicken soup (Irony just doesn't work here), the obligatory half a loaf of bread, and lots of dried chilli and garlic sauce all before 10:00 am.

On the way back through Djebel Hussain suggests we stop off for a quick Turkish coffee in his local cafe in Djebel much to delight of everyone in there. After the usual greeting of everyone it seems in the whole of Djebel we head back to the car to make our way back to Samodiva. In the car park we spot one of our neighbours so fill the car up with his shopping and head back.

It is still on 10:30 when we get back and I already feel as though I have had a good day.

The sun is out, so start on the planting out of my red cabbage (everyone else grows green ones but I like to be different). I am not in my garden more than 20 mins when Hussain is back, thinking he must have left something in the car I go over to meet him. He is carrying the chick box with 4 chicks still in it.

Turkey Anyone?
My Turkey Chicks

At this point Halil turns up telling me that as Metin his son is away in Belgium could I go and give him a hand as his Bees have swarmed. This whilst taking detail instructions from Hussain on advanced Turkey husbandry - By all accounts they are a bit more difficult than your standard chickens!

So off I head to Halil's house with bee mask gloves and smoker. I should say that I have never actually done this on my own before I have seen it done, and I have helped, but actually hiving a swarm of bees on your own is a bit like the first time you drive a car on your own after you have passed your test. It just feel a bit weird not having somewhere telling you what to do!

I am now though a complete Pucheli Maestor, All bees successfully hived and not one sting!

As I was leaving Halil's house I was presented with 9 fresh eggs and two fresh tomatoes for my trouble, they know I don't accept cash as payment only beer or food.

It is still only 12:30 and I feel as though I have done a days work - so decided to take it easy for a while and study up on Turkey's.

I should point out that my village is completely Turkish, so I shall have some fun come New Year when I tell them I might be killing a 'Turkey'!


Welcome to the 'Gud' Life, the home of self Reliant living on the internet. If you are interested in becoming more self reliant, or thinking of selling up and doing it for real you will find all you need to know right here. Written by someone who has done just that. Learn from my many mistakes

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