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The End of The Growing Season? - 6 September 2010
  Here in Samodiva, the main employer is SocoTab, who export aromatic tobacco from Southern Bulgaria, Northern Greece, and North East Turkey to major cigarette producers around the globe. The type of tobacco that is grown is usually used as a small percentage in each cigarette (5 - 10%) and adds the aroma.

Prior to this year the EU gave a subsidy to all the tobacco farmers which added about 2 euros per kilo produced. This is in addition to the 2.5 Euros recieved from SocoTab. As with the rest of the world though the EU is not keen on subsidising something that kills you. Quite sensible I think. Unfortunately the farmers in my village are about to have their salaries cut in half, so as you can imagine they are not best pleased about it. To say the least. I can see their point of view, they are not earning vast amounts of money, but by farming tobacco on 10000 square metres of land they can provide for their families, and ensure that land is still being cultivated.

The conditions required for growing tobacco are not really conducive to switching crops either, every other crop that can stand the conditions would have to be grown in massive quantities to reap the same reward. So perhaps in a few years time instead of my village containing 30+ small farmers earning a living growing tobacco, there will be just one big farm with the rest of the village empty in search of work elsewhere.

This area of Bulgaria has recently undergone a massive relocation of the population thanks to Todorov Zhivkov (Political), it now seems inevitable that they will have to undergo another for economic reasons. This really will be a shame.

Here is the plant to blame!


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