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Cheap Firewood - 7 June 2010
  My first year in Bulgaria, my firewood cost me 65 Lev a cubic metre, and came in strips 1 metre long, which then had to be cut and split by yours truly. This is quite cheap or so I thought, but there must be an easier and cheaper way. Well there is. And I don't mean stealing it. This is all quite legitimate, and as with most things in Bulgaria, you require an hour or so of patient waiting to get your document, with stamp!

Here is what you do. Each Obstina (region) will have a 'Gorski' Office. You need to go there (summer time is best it gives your wood chance to dry out before you use it) and ask for a wood permit for however many cubic of firewood you want. This costs (at least it did in Djebel) 5Lev per cubic metre!!!!!

The Gorski man will then go with you and mark which trees you can cut down and take away with you.

Yes it involves work, yes you will need a 4x4 with trailer, and yes you will need a chainsaw. None of which I had.

But all of which were given, donated, and even chauffeured for me. Nothing was asked for in exchange. I did by pay for them to have a night in the pub with me though. I was 'Chirpy" I think this translates as 'on me'. Which set me back 20lev as they all had work in the morning!

So my 5 cubic metres of firewood cost me 25Lev + 20Lev(beer) = 45 Lev = Not even 1 cubic from the shop.

You have got to love this place and the generosity of the people.

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