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Not Just Fruit & Veg - 29 July 2010

  As well as growing lots of fruit and veg I have given over quite a lot of my garden to flowers not just to help the bees but to make it look a bit nicer. I don't know the Latin names and to be honest I don't really want to. People that tell me I am growing Lavandula angustifolia, oh you mean my lavender!

Does it really matter knowing the latin name for things as long as I know what it is that I am growing. So just to confuse garden experts I have renamed all my flowers below. Please don't email with the real names as I don't want to know.

Here are some of my favorites:

Read Dreadlock plant
Red Dreadlock Plant = Reddius Dreadius

Pink Flower
Pink Flower = Pinkus Maximus

Lots of pink Flowers
The aforementioned pinkus maximus in bush form.

The Amazing Everlasting flowers
These flowers are great for drying and last forever.
Everlasting Flowers = Flora Infinitum.

Not really a fuscia
I think these are fuscias, but I call them Chandalier Plants = Luminar Shadus Flora.

So for anyone who read yesterdays update and was expecting to see the foundations of the National Botanical Gardens of Samodiva, unfortunately I am a slave to the weather and it piddled down so not much digging was happening. The weather has picked up today so will try and make a start.


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