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Global Warming - My Arse! - 07 March 2011

After my two weeks back in Swansea (rain everyday) I was looking forward to returning to BG, with March on its way and unusually warm couple of weeks at the begininng of Feb. I thought spring was well and truely on its way.

The 1st of March in Bulgaria is a holiday, Baba Mart 'Grandmother March' and is celebrated by the exchanging of red and white wristbands, and the exchange of seasons tidings. The seasons being goodbye winter, hello spring! These are then tied onto the nearsest tree when you first spot a stork. They could be on your wrist a while this year.

Well Baba Mart, has messed up big time, I awoke this morning to 3 inches of snow and 40 mph winds direct from the Urals. My thermometer read a miserly -5C add into that the wind chill factor, and there are some very sorry looking brass monkeys about.

I had planned to go shopping in the local town today (Djebel), their being lots of ice and snow around I have given it a miss and have decided to have a day infront of the woodburner. Todays mission is simply to keep warm. The forecast is the same for the next few days, so more staying in could be on the cards.

My two cats (Dave & Alan) have parked themselves under the woodburner, and from the look of them would quite happily stay there until the weather gets better. If I was small enough I would be under there too!


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