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Gourd'n Bennet - 07 Jul 2011

The 'EU' cucumber mountain, I have realised could all be the fault of a few allotment gardeners in Bristol. I have mentioned before that I have have planted too many this year, about 20 plants in all. Half of those though are the gerkin variety to make into pickles. So after the recent 3 days of heavy rain I have today managed to get out into the garden and see what has been happening whilst I have been reading books and watching the lightening.

Todays Cucumbers
Todays cucumbers (3 days growth)

Admittidley, I may have missed one or two the last time I checked, but picking 20 cucumbers every 3 days just seems wrong. I can't even give the damn things away as all my neighbours are equally up to their eyes in them as well.

I was in the pub last night (I know again), and when asked what I had been upto for the day, I explained that I had been pickling beetroot. Unfortunately beetroot has never made it on to the list of words to be learnt. So after much anitmation, and describing them as red/purple carrot/parsnip things thought the best way was to go and get a jar. On my arrival then of a jar a bright purple freshly pickled beetroot, and saying the Bulgarian equivalent of "Tadaaa!", the confusion become even more intense. I for one thought that all ex-communist countries eat nothing but cabbage and beetroot throughout the cold war. No name could be given to my jar of pickles so I have had to look it up. Now where is my esxcuse for going to the pub to learn some new words!(for those interested its 'chveklo' - and sugar beet is 'zahar chveklo')

The 'idiot' Englishman is at it again. Not only does he grow trees in pots so they stay small, sunflowers where you can't eat the seeds, he now has some pumkins that I wouldn't feed to my cow because - they look nice (Its a bloody pumkin). Or at least that is what I translate when I explain to everyone that I am growing some ornamental gourds, and they roll their eyes at me and smile.

Gourds Look Nice but taste crap
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

They do agree though that my lillies are worth growing even though they are in flower for only a week.

Pink Lily

My internet after singing its praises for the last 4 months has for the last 10 days been utter crap so if you are listening M-Tel (VodafoneBG) pull your finger out and get me off this dial-up rubbish!


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