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The Greenhouse Grows - 5 Aug 2010
  Part of the joy of trying to live a more self reliant lifestyle, means you get to try and attempt at building what you would otherwise buy. My greenhouse is starting to take shape although very slowly, as it is 35C and moving any faster than a snail in that kind of heat is dangerous!

Stage two of Green House

The rest of my village are either farmers or in the building trade, either way they are all quite practical. I am however an ex computer programmer, so making a greenhouse is quite a big ask. I have however been inundated with help and advise which I have stoically ignored, no doubt to the demise of structure.

They all think I am either mad or just stupid, or probably both! I have been given access to as much 'tor' (manure) from my friend Halid the sheepfarmer that my compost heap is getting close to having an OS marker on its apex. However, manure for the garden should never be turned down. He does have 250 sheep and really does seem to be pleased to be parted with it.

My first melons are nearing the ripening stage, and I can't wait to start eating them. I think I might have over done it though as I have grown some 30 plants each with 3 or 4 fruit on. I am told that it makes good rakia though. So when I get sick of eating them they will be brewed up and added to the Brandy making kit.

Ripening Melon

Just about everything else is ripening up nicely now that we are back to normal weather. I have had my first red pepper and aubergine get to the eating stage. So it will soon be time to be bottling and preserving again. Can't beat 4 hours over a hot stove when it is 35C.

Red Pepper


This is my first year of growing cabbages (winter variety), I don't eat cabbage unless it is in coleslaw where you can't taste it. So I have only grown five to make a big batch. Probably be having cabbage soup for weeks come December. Anyone know what else you do with cabbage, they all grow millions of them here? Perhap I should go to the pub and enquire there this evening as to the uses of cabbage? They have answers for all my other problems, like I need an excuse! Hot and sunny = Beer! Naz Drave!


Welcome to the 'Gud' Life, the home of self Reliant living on the internet. If you are interested in becoming more self reliant, or thinking of selling up and doing it for real you will find all you need to know right here. Written by someone who has done just that. Learn from my many mistakes

  A Quick Note On The Info Given On This Site

Dear All, the information on this website is given as is, I am not a solicitor, and believe the world would be a better place without them. If you follow the advice on this site, and use your common sense you will not come to any harm. I cannot and will not guarantee any of the information here, it is just based on my experience, and I am always willing to learn. Life after all is a learning experience. If you know of better or improved techniques please share them and I will update the site as neccessary. Enjoy and be happy. TGL 

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